Meet The Stamp Collectors: Thuymi of Adventure Faktory

Meet The Stamp Collectors is a series of interviews with travelers who've reached the milestone of visiting 50 countries, hence they've collected 50 passport stamps. This elite group of adventurers share real-life insights about their love of exploring our precious planet. They are voyagers who seek out unique experiences and develop their own perspective through immersive travel experiences. I hope their stories and sage advice will inspire you to push your boundaries and continue to travel near and far. This is not a contest about who's been to the most countries but a reflection on what it's been like to visit at least a quarter of the world's nations.

Thuymi is one-half of the duo behind AdventureFaktory, a digital platform gathering useful stories to inspire people to travel more around the world, mostly while having their 9 to 5 jobs. Born in Canada to Vietnamese parents the first country she ever visited was the neighboring U.S. which has been one of her favorite destinations for enjoying nature, especially in Hawaii. Her visit to the States made her want to see more of the world, and that's exactly what she's done. She's currently visited 52 nations but it was the third country she visited, Bulgaria, that cemented her love for travel. Not surprisingly, she's revisited the Balkan peninsula many times, the 50th country she visited was Slovakia. Thuymi has been living in the Middle East in Dubai for the last two years. Her signature move is to hop into epic head stands in front of the globes most amazing sites. A place she's eager to visit? Her birth nation to experience the picturesque West Coast.

What is your all-time favorite country?

Vietnam, and not only because I am from there. I only visited for the first time when I was 23 years old. The food is incredible. The architecture is super diverse, every main city has different landmarks and scenery to see. You can find traditional apartment buildings that are built vertically with many floors. There is also a huge French influence. It is simply a photographer's heaven!

What's your favorite phrase in another language you've learned through your travels?

I love the Arabic word sahtein! It sounds so beautiful. It's used as bon appétit, so to wish a pleasant meal and directly translates to mean two-healths. Usually, the response is a'albak, which means to your heart.

What countries are on your bucket list?

All the "Istans" countries, like Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc! I am really looking forward to experiencing the silk road.

What is your favorite travel quote?

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow." - Anita Desai

What is your top travel tip?

Expect as little as possible when you go to destinations! When you have expectations, you have a higher chance of being disappointed and not enjoying your destination.

In which country do you feel the most yourself?

I feel the most myself in Sri Lanka. It is so peaceful with beautiful nature. This place made me feel super focused on enjoying the moment and location.

Which country are you eager to get back to?

Tanzania, I keep thinking about it and feel like I need to go back to climb Kilimanjaro and experience a wildlife safari. We spent a lot of time on the beach in Zanzibar, which is incredible with sparkling white sand and crystal clear waters.

Which country amazed you?

Lebanon really amazed me. There is so much incredible nature. There's a lot more to see in the country beyond Beirut. But Beirut is an awesome city with tons of hidden gems to discover for nightlife, cafes, and restaurants! Lebanon is also so safe. It gets a bad reputation and we meet a lot of people who are afraid to visit, but they shouldn't be. 

Which country disappointed you?

Slovakia was the 50th country I visited but I was a bit disappointed by it. I had already been to most other Eastern European countries and couldn't really find anything interesting or different in Slovakia.

Where are you headed next?

I am off to the Maldives with my partner and the other half of Adventure Faktory, Mitch! You can follow our adventures in the stunning Indian Ocean islands on Instagram.

What is the most prolific lesson you've learned through travel?

Patience. My patience has developed a lot by always being open to others in terms of religion, beliefs, preferences, and cultural norms.  When you travel, you have to listen to others and locals and try to understand them, not to judge them, hence patience and understanding is super important!

What keeps you motivated to continue traveling?

The world is so big and there is so much to experience beyond the little bubble of our lives. I won't live forever. I am racing to see the whole world before I die or get too old and regret missing it!


  1. Wow! I'm an avid collector of passport stamps too! I've been to 9 countries in the past 3 years and my list is growing. Yaay!

    1. That is incredible! Keep on travelling, Penny!

  2. Awesome post! I am still trying to collect as many passport stamps as I can! Managed to get quite a few on my SEA backpacking trip

    1. SEA is incredible, I am spending a year here now!

  3. I am way behind in this 50 countries sojourn but someday hope to get there. Thanks for this inspiring post.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and found it inspiring. Just remember, it's a journey, not a race!

  4. Thanks for feature! Can't wait to discover other people that reached their 50th country recently and hear what they have to say! Cheers to more stamps and more discoveries of this beautiful earth.

    1. Thank you Thuymi for sharing your exciting adventures with us! <3


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