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National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year in the States from Sept 15 - Oct 15. To celebrate I've decided to launch an IG account dedicated to exploradoras around the world, @LatinasLoveTravel. To be featured start tagging your images with #LatinasLoveTravel on Instagram! I've rounded up some of my fellow traveling Latinas who share their incredible adventures on the gram. In case you didn't know my father is from Uruguay and I share my viajes on Instagram @MissFilatelista. I've been traveling full-time for two years and share raw, real images of my travels to 50+ countries. These chicas are taking on the globe and spreading culture awareness about their Latin American roots. 

Natalia of @GlitterandPassport is a native Puerto Rican who grew up in Washington D.C. and made her way to Madrid, Spain. She shares her adventures with everyone around the world on her beautifully curated feed. She aspires to encourage women of all age types to get out there, travel, and find the "glitter" in their adventures. From whimsical beach shots of her native PR to cultural escapades around Europe, this IG account is sure to spark a desire to travel.

Celinne of @TheNomadsOasis is Italian-Brazilian who previously lived in the Northeast of the States and has been traveling full-time for over a year. She uses IG as a platform to tell her unique stories as she uncovers the beautiful messiness of travel. Her focus is highlighting what it means to create real human connections around the world, and how to overcome challenges in the ruthless pursuit of your dreams. She primarily stays with locals to have authentic experiences everywhere she goes.

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Xochilth of her namesake account @XochilthMartinez is a Nicaraguan living in Switzerland for the last five years. While living in Europe she's been able to encounter many people from all over the world which aroused her love and curiosity with cultural diversity. She shares vibrant shots from her travels around the globe on her IG feed. Her picturesque destinations are enhanced with her enviable travel style and heartfelt travel quotes.

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Taryn of @HerTravelStyle is a third culture kid– she was born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother and Eastern European Jewish father. Growing up in this melting pot of cultures quickly established a love for travel which was encouraged by her international parents who took her on many childhood trips around the continental US and Puerto Rico. As a street art and color aficionado, her feed is full of vibrant bursts that are sure to inspire you to book a flight somewhere new. She quit her job, packed a bag, and has visited all 7 continents! She travels solo and seeks out local women in her travels who are making significant changes in their communities. 

Isabelle of @DominicanAbroad is a Dominican-American from the Bronx, New York. As an inquisitive child, reading books and encyclopedias about other nations fueled her curiosity to explore the globe's landscapes, religions, and histories. Her multicultural and multilingual background strengthened her ability to intuitively understand and adapt to her ever-changing surroundings as she travels the globe. She travels far and wide, from Cuba to Japan to Mongolia and shares gorgeous snapshots and memories on her IG feed as she goes. She aims to inspire other underprivileged urban minorities to travel as well as more insightful travel by promoting awareness to different political, historical, social, and cultural landscapes from around the world. 

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Ruth of @Rutthy is a Dominican-American who grew up in the Bronx, New York. She fell in love with traveling at a young age–she moved to the Dominican Republic at the age of 11 from NYC. This literal life changing the experience that exposed her to the beauty of travel and exploring other cultures. Ruthy is back in NYC working in finance but continues to travel in order to explore and enjoy this thing we call life while searching for her true authenticity and hoping to inspire others. Her colorful feed is not to be missed as she pursues around Latina American destinations.

Ana of @ChasingWildGusts hails from Salvador, Brazil; the oldest city in the country. At 11 she moved to Orlando, Florida with her family which has been her home ever since. Sunny, colorful surroundings supported her vivid imagination from a young age. She'd always day dream about far away lands. After a long plight she was finally able to legalize her status in the USA and had the opportunity to adventure near and far. She decided to stop making traveling a far away dream and prioritize her wanderlust. Her IG is a collection of amazing photographs from tropical beaches in the Caribbean, glacier hiking in Iceland, African safaris and more. It's apparent that she's a lover of the great outdoors and scuba diving adventures. 

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Marlene of @MarleneBug is a Mexican-American living in Texas and often taking off from the lone star state to explore the world. In her childhood family trips to Mexico were frequent which normalized traveling for her at a very young age. The latina abroad shares her travels, hacks, lifestyle, and long distance relationship, in hopes of inspiring others to be brave and live vicariously through their own lives! She curates a stunning feed that is complimented with detailed captions that give an inside look into a destination.

Andrea of @ItsaTravelOD is a Panamanian vlogger who is overdosing in travel as she works around the globe as a digital nomad. Through her IG captions, Andrea shares insights on her approach on how she makes a sustainable living while traveling full-time. For major inspiration, her vlogs feature her experiences & the inspiring stories of people with amazing travel projects! She curates the IG hashtag #overdoseintravel and encourages others on the gram to write insightful, meaningful captions. Her feed is a resource for anyone looking to explore the remote work lifestyle and break into the incredibly competitive vlogging industry tal como ella hizo. 

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Alyssa of @OjosBrujoss is a Cubana who was born in Tunisia but raised in NYC. Growing up in a multicultural environment established her love for exploring the world from a young age–her childhood transcended borders and nothing has changed. Her feed encompasses her world both abroad and her many hogares. She also sprinkles in some strong posts about immigrant rights, Latinx awareness, and a view of what life is like as an intersectional Latina.

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Andrea of @Andrea.Travelz is a Peruvian-American who was born in Lima, Peru and came to the United States in 1998. She shares stunning images from her homeland and detailed insider travel tips for experiencing Peru like a local. Her travels expand beyond Peru and the States to other exotic locales around the globe.

Alesha of @AleshaSays is a Mexican-American who grew up facing challenges in Northern California as a "white washed Mexican" because she and her family did not speak Spanish. She was eager to embrace her cultural roots which sparked her desire to explore and learn about the globes vast societies. Her colorful IG feed is meant to invite others to join her as she begins to travel more and work less finding a balance between the two.

Olga Maria of @DreamsInHeels is Cuban and Puerto Rican who was born with wanderlust soul. Olga aims to empower others to live an adventurous and curious life. On her IG she breaks taboos like “you can’t travel alone being a woman” or “traveling is only for the rich.” There is a beautiful story behind her moniker. Olga was born with a condition where her Achilles tendon is shorter than average so she cannot walk with her feet flat on the ground; she can only walk on her tippy toes. She was often bullied for the boots she had to wear in her childhood to aid her legs but this did not stop her from walking her path in her own shoes. Now, she is living her dream in heels. 

Maira of @EnthusiasticAboutLife couldn't have chosen a better name for her account. Her passionate captions on each photo have the ability to transport you to the destination with her. Embracing nature everywhere she goes and also officiating weddings for friends this Mexican-American viajera is seeing the world and documenting it in her own style. Her IG educates, inspires, and provides insight into what an enthusiastic life is all about. Maira crosses off bucket list items left and right in her current city, in different states, and around the world. 

For even more inspiring traveling Latinas follow @Travel_Latina on Instagram. The account is run by a group of amazing mujeres who curate the feed using travel shots by Latinas who've tagged #TravelLatina in their posts including gorgeous shots like yours truly here in Morocco with my sweet camel, Jamaica.

Another awesome feed featuring inspiring shots of Latinas exploring the globe is @LatinasWhoTravel. The collection features beautiful pictures from Latina voyagers, like this dreamy shot of Celinne aka The Nomad Oasis, as well as motivational quotes and useful travel information. The bilingual IG account pulls images from the hashtags #LatinasWhoTravel and #LatinasQueViajan.

Do you follow any Latina travelers on Instagram that should be added to this list? Leave their links in the comments! Let's continue to inspire each other.


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