Meet The Stamp Collectors: Liza of Trips Get

Meet The Stamp Collectors is a series of interviews with travelers who've reached the milestone of visiting 50 countries, hence they've collected 50 passport stamps. This elite group of adventurers share real-life insights about their love of exploring our precious planet. They are voyagers who seek out unique experiences and develop their own perspective through immersive travel experiences.

I hope their stories and sage advice will inspire you to push your boundaries and continue to travel near and far. This is not a contest about who's been to the most countries but a reflection on what it's been like to visit at least a quarter of the world's nations. If you're interested in being featured in the series please fill out this form.

Liza of Trips Get is a Russian traveler who has reached 57 countries around the globe, but her first trip outside of her homeland was to nearby Ukraine. She's traveled around her own nation and thoroughly explored her hometown of St. Petersburg but hopes to return to Russia someday to visit the Far East, Siberia, and Kamchatka. She currently calls London home and previously lived in Hamburg, Germany, Edinburgh, Scottland, and Hong Kong. Hong Kong was also the country that cemented her love for travel, it was the 17th nation she visited, she even studied abroad there! Her travels expand well past western Europe and Asia, she's also spent time in the Balkan Peninsula–Albania was the 50th country she visited.

Which country exceeded your expectations, and why?

I didn't expect much from Albania but the capital, Tirana, is a lively and vibrant city with a huge park in the middle of the city and people running around just like in New York City.

Which was your favorite country for architecture?

In the Czech Republic, I was fascinated by Prague due to the incredibly beautiful architecture. 

Which country left a lasting impression on you?

I still haven't figured out whether I loved or hated Bali. On one hand, there were traffic jams, terrible weather, and scams everywhere. On the other hand, the architecture and nature were amazing in Indonesia.

Which was your favorite country for nature? 

Hong Kong has amazing hikes and national parks. The landscapes in Hong Kong were breathtaking!

Which country disappointed you?

Belgium was one of the biggest disappointments for me. I had a bad experience in Brussels twice. I found it to be quite dangerous, dirty and just... not nice, to be honest. But that's just my opinion, I know plenty of people who adored the city.

Which was your favorite country because of its people? 

My favorite country for people is probably Bulgaria or Romania–in both countries people were extremely helpful and friendly. 

Which country was completely different than what you expected? 

I expected Hong Kong to just be a stone jungle but instead, Hong Kong is full of amazing nature parks, mountains, and beaches. 

Which was your favorite country for food?

I can't choose just one country but an entire region as I absolutely love Asian food. I like Japanese hot pots and Korean kimchi dishes the most. Thai food is also one of my favorites.

Which country would you not go back to?

I don't feel like going back to Finland. I lived next to Finland for over 22 years and visited so many times that I don't really feel like returning for the next couple of years.

Is there a country that changed the way you travel?

Egypt did! I stayed in a hotel there with a water park in it. I never want to go to a resort again that is not adult-only. 

What's your favorite phrase in another language you've learned through your travels? 

Bir kırmızı şarap lütfen. It means "one red wine, please" in Turkish.

Is there a novel that has greatly influenced you as a traveler?

After I saw the movie Wild I had to read the book. It is an amazing story and I almost wanted to go and hike the Pacific Crest Trail immediately.

What is your favorite travel quote?

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.

What is your all-time favorite country?

I have two actually! First, Hong Kong, I spent 5 unbelievable months there when I was studying abroad for a semester. Second, the UK because of its culture, traditions, architecture, and atmosphere. I'm very happy to be living in my all time favorite city–London

What is the most prolific lesson you've learned through travel?

Even though I like being spontaneous, all trips require some initial planning. I got lost in Amsterdam once, because of my reluctance to download offline maps and do some planning beforehand. Plan ahead a bit and your trip will be more enjoyable.

What is your top travel tip?

Be spontaneous when traveling and never say no to great experiences, otherwise, you'll regret it later. 

What countries are on your bucket list?

Argentina, Maldives, Peru, Malta, Japan, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, and Tanzania.

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