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Miss Filatelista is a travel lifestyle journal voiced by Lola Méndez. Filatelista is the Spanish word for stamp collector. Miss Filatelista is an homage to both of her late grandfathers, one was a true stamp collector and voyager, the other a postman! Rather than postal stamps, she is collecting passport stamps and has explored 54 countries thus far. Lola travels to develop her own worldview and understanding of the globe's many cultures. Learning about the world’s diversity is her addiction. Passionate about sustainable travel she seeks out ethical experiences that benefit local communities. Lola is also a freelance writer, be sure to read some of her published articles. She's also a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance.

After calling New York City home for nearly seven years she developed an urgent necessity to become a true citizen of the world and moved to Madrid, Spain in September 2015. This compulsive wanderlust percolated throughout her life. Growing up in an international Uruguayan-American family exposed Lola to travel from a young age. She has had a passport since birth and made many childhood visits to South America. 

Lola is a communications specialist and published travel journalist with a BBA in Marketing. Her career as a publicist in New York City exposed her to conscious consumerism through her work with brands that had philanthropic values. Lola had the honor of being a panelist at the 2014 Georgetown University Women in Leadership Summit. She is passionate about spreading awareness for global gender equality.

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