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I have enjoyed wonderful relationships with various brands through roles as brand ambassadors, affiliate marketing, sponsored blog and social media posts, social media takeovers, press trips, and travel partnerships. I offer partners a unique access to a targeted market of traveling millennials who are conscious of sustainability and crave authentic recommendations. Please see the DISCLOSURE POLICY for more details about how I work with brands.

I'm always looking for partners in the destinations I am visiting-from accommodation, transportation, experiences, meals, etc. I am most interested in collaborating with businesses with a sustainable model and those who support their communities. For upcoming travel dates please view my ITINERARY.

If you are looking to hire a freelance writer please view my PUBLISHED ARTICLES to see samples of the stories I have written for other outlets. I typically write about travel, philanthropy, fitness, beauty, and fashion, but am open to other industries as well. I've also been quoted in various media outlets which can be viewed on my PRESS page. Please CONTACT me for rates.

View the Miss Filatelista MEDIA KIT for further information.

All inquires email Lola: MISSFILATELISTA@GMAIL.COM
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