Jodhpur, the remarkable Indian blue city, has been a favorite destination for travelers in Rajasthan for ages. I called the city home for three months this year while I volunteered with Sambhali Trust. During this time I was juggling freelance communications and writing projects so I was always on the hunt for the spots with the best food and WiFi connection. Surprisingly, the ancient town actually has quite a few modern cafés near the famous clock tower market in the city center. Here are 6 of my favorite places in Jodhpur to work from as a digital nomad in India.


Curry at Namaste Cafe

Namaste Caffe is the most picturesque restaurant in Jodhpur with undisturbed views of the incredible hilltop Mehrangarh Fort. This spot is very accommodating to workers with outlets located at each and every table and reliable WiFi. The food here is amazing with an array of offerings including traditional Indian dishes and western specialties. A wide selection of coffee and tea will keep you caffeinated as you work. The tables are low to the ground and surrounded by throw pillows making a comfortable and peaceful work environment. Namaste Caffe is frequented often by tourists and expats. Many use this outpost as a makeshift office as they can work for hours without being asked to leave or order additional food.


The Nerdy Beans is one of the best places in Jodhpur to get a delicious, steaming, high-quality espresso made from freshly pressed beans. The name says it all, this café was made for nerds who spend the whole day staring at their computer screen. There is a large space with many tables that are often populated with various remote workers focusing on their client projects. There are many charging stations near the tables and a dependable WiFi connection. The atmosphere is upbeat with lots of chatter that makes it feel more like a co-working space than a café. The Nerdy Beans is owned by two young local entrepreneurs who will happily let you use their café as an office for as many hours as needed.


Dosa at Stepwell Cafe

The Stepwell House Cafe is operated by RAAS hotel and features menu items that offer a modern twist on classic Indian dishes. The three-story restaurant has many workspaces including countertops with barstools, community tables, lounges, and a rooftop terrace covered in pillows and beautiful drapes. WiFi is given to guests who provide their passport number and works incredibly fast. This upscale venue boasts one of the best views in town with every seat facing the historic, namesake Tunwarji ka Jhalra stepwell. Due to the vistas, The Stepwell House Cafe is popular amongst both young Indian nationals and globetrotters. It is one of the few restaurants in Jodhpur that serves cocktails and European wine.


Cafe Frespresso is the local equivalent of Starbucks offering an array of sugary coffee concoctions. The largest Cafe Frespresso in Jodhpur is located in the clock tower district. The venue has an assortment of sitting areas perfect to work from for the day. There are couches and large tables with benches, all in close proximity to power points. Choose the caffeinated concoction of your choice and let it power you through your workflow for the day. The WiFi works well throughout the property making Cafe Frespresso a great place to be productive for hours.


Indian Curry at Stops

STOPS Hostel is part of the Indian hostel franchise, Go Stops. The Jodhpur location boasts a gorgeous rooftop terrace and café that is open to the public. The top floor of the building has several areas in which one could work, an outdoor terrace with colorful swing chairs, an indoor lounge with throw pillows on the ground and numerous outlets, and a large community table near the kitchen. The WiFi here is some of the most reliable in Jodhpur; passwords are inpidually assigned via passport numbers so be sure to bring identification. As this is a hostel there are many other travelers here. You can also take part in the hostels many walking tours including visiting local artisan markets, Jodhpur’s many waterworks, Rajasthani food tour, and guided visits to the beautiful blue city. The café serves traditional Indian dishes at affordable prices and makes a strong cup of chai that will keep you energized all day long as you work. Many travelers use the café as a workspace, you be on your computer here working all day without interruptions.


Café Royale is a tiny hole-in-the-wall with an extremely unique ambiance. The café is located centrally in the clock tower market adjacent to the street where local women sell used saris. From this vantage point, you can get a true taste of local life in Jodhpur. The café is a popular haunt for foreign tourists and local youth due to the fantastic location. Many travelers can be found here playing the guitar or trading English language books. If you enjoy working in a busy environment this is a great place as you’ll be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city and endless sources of inspiration. This café is one of the few that accommodates vegans by offering soy milk chai and coffee. The small space fills up quickly so arrive early and claim your turf near an outlet so you can keep your computer charged throughout the day as you work.

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  1. I love the nerdy bean! looks like something you would find in NY or san fran. I would love to visit India for the food. I bet I would LOVE that!!!!

  2. Rajasthan has always been on my Bucket List!! I hope to visit it someday, and I will for sure try one of those cafes!!

  3. I loved the ambience of Namaste Cafe. With a view to Mehrangarh, it has to be my favorite 🙂

  4. I am always please to find cafes in Asia that look like they'd fit into the NYC coffee scene. The food in India is insaneeeeee!

  5. I hope you get to visit! Def check out these cafes for great local food 🙂

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