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Meet Lola

After calling New York City home for  7 years Lola developed a necessity to become a true citizen of the world and moved to Madrid, Spain in September 2015. This compulsive wanderlust percolated throughout her life. Growing up in an international Uruguayan-American family exposed Lola to travel from a young age. She’s had a passport since birth and made many childhood visits to South America.

Lola is a published travel journalist and has written travel articles for Overture Magazine, Lonely Planet, World Nomads, Far & Wide, October, Go Overseas, Matador Network, Aaptiv, Hostelworld, and more. She’s also an essayist with personal narratives published on Explore Parts Unknown, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Upworthy, Paper Magazine, SheKnows, and others. Check out her published articles.

She’s also a communications specialist with a BBA in Marketing. Her career as a fashion publicist in New York City exposed her to conscious consumerism through her work with philanthropic brands. Lola had the honor of being a panelist at the 2014 Georgetown University Women in Leadership Summit. She’s passionate about spreading awareness about global gender equality.


Lola has enjoyed wonderful relationships with various brands through brand ambassadorships, affiliate marketing, sponsored blog and social media posts, social media takeovers, press trips, and other travel partnerships. She’s most interested in collaborating with responsible businesses and those who support local communities. Miss Filatelista offers partners access to a targeted market of traveling millennials who are sustainability conscious and crave authentic recommendations. View her media kit for further information.



Lola is currently in Cambodia until January 12th.

January 12th – February 8th: Malaysia
February 8th – March 24th: Vietnam
March 24th – April 22nd: The Philippines
April 22nd – July 20th: Taiwan
July 20th – September 15th: South Korea

*Schedule is flexible as per partnership opportunities, press trips, and FAM stays.

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