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AMEX Essentials
17 Fun Ways to Get Out on the Water

ASEAN Tourism
A Southeast Asia Beach & Island Itinerary
Don’t Visit Southeast Asia Without Packing These Essential Items
Exploring Southeast Asia by Bus: 11 Overland Adventures
6 Sites that Explore Southeast Asia’s Strange Side
Southeast Asia Destinations for Travelers on a Budget
3 Unforgettable Island Getaways in Southeast Asia

A Southern Gypsy
Meet the Vegans | Lola of Miss Filatelista

Living In A Country That Thinks Green

Lola Méndez Lets You Tour The World Through Her Instagram Feed
Must Follow Latinx Heritage Month
The Best Ways To Practice Self-Care
How Is Donald Trump Affecting Relationships?

9 American Expats on What They Wish They Knew Before Moving Abroad

Wanderlust: These 10 Real Couples Met While Traveling
Nude Beaches You’ll Actually Want to Visit on Your Honeymoon

Life-Changing Lessons You’ll Learn From Traveling Solo

New York City wants you to fall in love again (once it is safe to do so)

Conde Nast Traveler
What Does Travel Anxiety Look Like In 2021?

The Meaning of Citizenship: 9 People on How They Found Home

Coworkers of the World: Meet Lola Méndez

Creative Travel Guide
Working Abroad: Full-Time Travel

Curiosity Magazine
The Best Meals We’ve Ever Had
The Most Transparent Article On Travel Writing You’ll Ever Read

Dating News
Blogger Miss Filatelista Gives Tips For Your Next International Dating Adventure

How to do Veganuary via Your Beauty Routine

The Power Of Cacao: The Latest Trend In New-Age Consumer Spirituality

Fast Company
How To Find Friends When You Move For Your Job

Female Travel Bloggers
Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Tips

Who Else In Travel Is Being Impacted By The Coronavirus? Content Creators.

Lola Left Her Job as a Senior Manager in NYC to Travel the World Full-Time!

Get Dirty With Me
How To Be A More Responsible Traveler

Girl vs. Globe
Responsible Travel Tips

Giving Way
Experiential Travel: Travel Experts Weigh in on the Biggest Travel Trend

Global Galavanting
Volunteering in India: Interview with Lola about Volunteering with the Sambhali Trust in Jodhpur

Go Be Here
Inspiring Stories from Women Who Made Working While Traveling Their Reality

8 Travel-Writing Tips From Professional Travel Writers

Hip Latina
7 Latina Digital Nomads You Need to Know About
5 Items Travel Pros Pack: Curious What’s on the List?

Hostelling International
The View from Here: Interview with Lola Méndez of Miss Filatelista and @LatinasLoveTravel

Huffington Post
Should You Become A Digital Nomad

Lonely Planet Traveller
This Month: City Breaks

Traveling to Madrid? Here are Some of the Best Spots Off-the-Beaten-Path
Berlin Off-the-Beaten-Path: A city guide for Every Kind of Traveler

Matador Network
Travelers Share Their Love Stories from the Road

Money Geek
6 Money Lessons Women Entrepreneurs Wished They Knew When Starting Their Business

My Domaine
The Underground Spots in Hawaii Every Traveler Needs to Know Now

Quarantine and chill? Virtual dating becomes the new normal amid social distancing

One Weird Globe
Life as a Nomad: Jodhpur, India

On Mogul
12 Female Travel Bloggers of Color To Follow Right Now

Best Place to Get Engaged in Every State

Pink Pangea
Traveling While Latina: The Real Deal with Lola Méndez

Postcards From Stef
Meet Miss Filatelista: Writer, Traveler & Women’s Empowerment Advocate

Reader’s Digest
This Is How You Can Take Your All-Time Dream Vacation on the Cheap
Here’s Your Perfect Packing Guide for a Quick Weekend Getaway

Refinery 29
How Much Would You Spend To Have A Baby?

How Coronavirus Is Changing the Dating Landscape

Practicing Responsible Animal Tourism Around the World

The Culture Trip
Real-life Romance: Couples Who Met Their Match While Traveling

The Lily
The rise of the caftan in self-quarantine

The New York Times
Finding Open-Minded Health Care Abroad

The Offbeat Life Podcast
How to Full-Time Travel on a Budget and Do Responsible Tourism with Lola Mendez
Beauty Tips Around the World and Finding Love Without Makeup with Lola Mendez

The Points Guy
11 mistakes travelers make on their first camping trip

The Travel Blogs
20 of the Best Up and Coming Instagram Accounts

The Washington Post
Traveling was once social currency. Now it might get you shamed.

The Whisp
Winning The Breakup: 5 Women On How They Turned Heartbreak Into Triumph

The Best Places Around The World to Travel in March

Travel Latina
Viajerx Spotlight: Lola Mendez

Featured Travel Blogger Series
It’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured in Friends, Rather Than Miles
12 Travel Bloggers Insight on Self-Discovery Through Travel

Urban Adventures
Local New York Influencer Recommendations: Favorite Neighborhood Spots

Some People Think You Can Get High Off Your Own Period

Venga, Vale, Vamos
Travel Talk with Lola: Passport Stamps, Sustainable Travel, and the Road Ahead

Well + Good
13 Women Open UP About What Being a Woman Means to Them in 2020

World Nomads
The World Nomads Podcast: COVID-19 Travel News, 2 April
A Nomads’ Guide to Making Friends on The Road

203 Challenges
Inspiring Travel Bloggers: Lola from Miss Filatelista

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