Kuala Lumpur is the gateway for many traveling couples setting off on adventures around Southeast Asia. What better way to start your voyage than unwinding with an incredible spa experience for two? After all, soon you’ll be hauling your luggage on epic train journeys, overhead as you exit boat ferries into the ocean, and through dusty, dirty village streets. Trust us, we know first hand. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you in advance for giving yourself, and your loved one, a little bit of TLC to kick off your Asian adventure. 


There are many holistic body therapy centers in KL that practice ancient Balinese techniques from nearby Indonesia. It could be difficult to scout and select the best place to unwind and find tranquility in the bustling Malaysian capital city. But don’t worry, we took it upon ourselves to do the extremely difficult research of finding the best couples massages in KL for you. Each of these romantic spa treatments left us feeling entirely restored. Here are the results.


A spa in a mall isn’t where you’d expect to find pure bliss. But in the Starhill Gallery on the Pamper Level is the serene sanctuary, Donna Spa. We were treated to the three hour Harmony Extreme pamper session from the establishment which once won the title ‘Best Exotic Spa Experience’ from Harper’s Bazaar.

Donna Spa has evoked the sensual spirit of Bali not only through traditional massage practices but also with an authentic ambiance with Balinese decor, aromas, and teas. Even the therapists originate from Bali and were trained and certified at the islands best institutes. Our therapist attended to our every need. She was an angel guiding us through the gates of heaven as she showed us to the private steam room complete with a hot tub and ice bath. We were left to rotate through the three as we pleased for nearly an hour.

After our steam bath our joint body scrubs began with 100% natural rose salt. Once we’d been properly exfoliated it was time for the highlight of our spa experience, a soak surrounded by exotic blooms. I love being surrounded by flowers always, all ways, so it was a dream come true to relax in a bath of these beauties with my love. 

Once we finally pulled ourselves out of the exotic tub we were treated to a natural volcanic stone massage similar to an Ayurvedic. Then came the trademark Balinese massage in which all of our stresses were firmly kneaded away and quickly forgotten. We were truly indulging inside and out. It’s the little gestures that make this spa oh so special.




 Every massage we had was amazing but none was more memorable than the enchanting weaving of our muscles that we experienced at Ozmosis Day Spa. The experience was extra special as we were able to hand select our own organic matter for our body scrubs and essential oils for the full-body Balinese massage. I chose the coffee salt scrub to reduce cellulite and hibiscus rice which improves circulation and brightens skin. This was all part of the Ozmosis Escape which was a two and a half hour escape into pure pampering. 

The 3-step ritual began with a traditional foot bath followed by a 20-minute full body salt scrub in which every crevice of our bodies was exfoliated. Afterwards, we took a steamy steam shower to open our pores and make our skin even softer. We emerged to find a beautiful floral bath awaiting us in a soothing milky tub. For twenty minutes we soaked while enjoying fresh tea, fruit, and the delicious aroma of the blooms.

The highlight of the experience was the aromatherapy full-body massage. I always opt for lavender to enhance the relaxing experience and completely disconnect from reality. Both of our therapists were firm and courteous, checking in with us along the way to make sure we enjoyed the pressure and to ask us if we had any ailments. After endlessly traveling for two years I finally felt my tension melt away.

This spa is located on the outskirts of the city center but is in a super hip Bangsar Village area. It’s located at Jalan Telawi 2 street where there are many restaurants to chose from so book your spa treatment in the late afternoon and enjoy dinner nearby afterward. We couldn’t help ourselves from having a pie at Mikey’s Original New York Pizza – it wasn’t quite like the slices this former New Yorker is accustomed to but was easily the best pizza I’ve had in Asia!



Finding a budget-friendly spa conveniently located in KL usually means going to a seedy foot massage parlor. But there is a high value and quality spa experience in the KL city center aka the KL Golden Triangle. The Mandara Spa KL located in the 5 star Renaissance Hotel is a self-proclaimed urban retreat, and we couldn’t agree more. Mandara Spa is recognizable as the establishment has been inducing bliss around the globe at numerous locations for over two decades. We were invited to try the signature hour-long Balinese massage.

Our experience took place in one of the double spa suites. Upon arrival, we were given fresh ginger tea and presented with a tray of optional essential oils to select from for our massages. I love this customization aspect of being able to choose exactly which aromatic blend would be used to heal and soothe my aching muscles. The room was equipped with a grand steam shower and sunken bath scattered with flowers. The massage was only on the back of our bodies, and not at all the front, not even our legs or arms, which we found a bit odd. But nonetheless, the parts of our bodies that were massaged were ultra soothed by therapists powerful hands. 





We were invited to try the 1-hour charcoal body scrub at the stunning Saujana Resort. The Spa at Saujana Resort is surrounded by lush greenery with the tropical rainforest embracing the building. Our spa villa was equipped with a huge stone tub and two ultra soft massage tables. There are floor to ceiling windows that flooded the room with natural light and offered beautiful vistas of the jungle oasis that surrounded us as we sipped on fresh ginger tea pre and post body scrub. 

The spa experience began with a traditional feet cleaning where we soaked our tired toes in rose-infused water then slipped on cloud-like slippers. In lieu of robes, we were given traditional patterned sarongs to wear which were also used as towels to keep us covered during the scrub. Charcoal is just gaining popularity in the Western world as a tool for beauty but is a long-standing tradition in Asia. Our scrub was carefully applied using ancient healing techniques to exfoliate, nourish, and moisture our skin. To try using charcoal as a body scrub at home to get rid of dead skin and have a deep clean there’s nothing better than the all-natural and vegan Pure Body Naturals Charcoal Scrub.

We left feeling properly polished and pampered. The award-winning luxury spa may be located outside of the city center but our Uber ride cost less than 10 USD and look less than an hour, even in traffic. Because it is not conveniently located the prices here are significantly less expensive, without sacrificing quality. 





Thank you to each of these incredible KL spas for offering us delightful spa experiences. All opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links, please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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