To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I asked some of my favorite travel couples to share with us a little bit about who they are, how they met, and how they keep the love alive while traveling–which can be more challenging than you’d imagine! This group of couples is conquering the globe, each in their own way, hand in hand with their partner. From new found love to long-term relationships, full-time travelers to weekend warriors, I hope you’ll find inspiration in their stories, and their incredible Instagram feeds! This group seriously has love and will travel. Be sure to follow them all on Instagram to keep up with their journeys!

If you’re also a traveling couple I suggest hiring Dovetail Experience to capture some beautiful moments of you with your loved one on vacation. Although my relationship has suddenly ended we had a wonderful time at our photo shoot with local photographer David Sala. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your destination on their list of locales in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Asia. Dovetail hadn’t yet hired a photographer in Chiang Mai, Thailand but found one for us in a matter of days, so reach out about wherever you’re going, near or far! It was a special experience to go around the city with a local who could take us to special spots we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. A photographer is able to capture shots that a tripod and self-timer simply cannot. Your love deserves frame-worthy photos to capture a special memory. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Charlie and Lauren are a free-spirited couple originally from the UK. They even once lived on a boat! Their account @wandersandwarriors is a collection of their travel memories where they always seem to be having a blast! They both have an epic sense of humor, don’t miss watching their silly IG stories.


“After growing up in a small town, we soon came to realize that we were not made to stay in one place, we were made to wander! So now, we combine our sense of humor, love of travel, and passion for life to explore the world. We’re a small team with big dreams on a constant pursuit of happiness, so keep on following the journey and who knows, hopefully, we’ll catch you out there on the road someday.”



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Natalie and Robson have been together for nearly a decade. Less than a year after they got married they decided to sell everything, pack their bags and hit the road to see the world. They share photos of amazing nature, beautiful cities, some romantic hotel moments, and awesome videos on @LoveandRoad.


“Our love story has been a long and thrilling ride. It has been 4 years of non-stopping traveling, over 50 stamps on our passports, and countless stories to tell. Our IG is all about our passion for each other, for traveling, and for inspiring people to travel more and better. We are sun seekers, adventure lovers, crazy about cats, and addicted to a good coffee. In our 30’s, we know that an unforgettable trip should be a mix of culture, nature, adventure, and a touch of luxury. Travel as a couple is all about knowing how to organize the trip and the budget, choosing amazing hotels, unique experiences, and always celebrating love!”





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Roxanne and Maartje are two Dutch girls in love with each other, writing, and photographing. They share their gorgeous travel photos on @onceuponajrny which makes life look like a constant fairy tale for these two lovebirds. They travel on a budget and are always seeking the next adventure.




“The funny thing is we were both ‘heterosexual’ (or so we thought) when we met while working at the cinema. Our relationship has been a rollercoaster: we lived together from the start, were five months apart thanks to a study abroad, and then we made the big step to travel the world full time! We sold all of our stuff and started traveling March 2017 and it has been a great adventure! We love how traveling makes our relationship stronger, how we get to know each other better, and learn how to be a team in life. The highlight so far was definitely Maartje asking me to marry her during the lantern festival in Chiang Mai last November! The poor thing was so nervous she started crying before proposing!”



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Jules and Nisha met in France 5 years ago in a stunt show and have never split since. Nisha is a dancer from the UK and Jules is French and an acrobatic per. @WeJustLeft tells the story of their world tour as a backpacking couple seeking authentic experiences, witnessing local life, discovering new cultures, and meeting other people.



“We moved to Paris for work to save enough to go traveling. Traveling had been a dream for each of us before we met, and we now have the chance to realize it together. We left Paris in October 2017. Traveling provides deep feelings, and sharing it with your loved one makes it even more magical. Our favorite memory was in Jaisalmer, India when we went on a safari and got to sleep under the stars in the middle of the Thar desert. Romantic, overwhelming, a bit scary, but 100% happiness.”




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Jason and Stacey live in Barbados and have been an adventure travel couple ever since they met on Tinder back in 2015. The lived minutes away from each other but had never met. Oh, they also have the same last name and birthdays that are a day apart, meant to be much? They seek off-the-beaten-path activities wherever they go and showcase endless beautiful pictures from the island they call home on @wanderingbajans.




“We went to Iceland and slept in a campervan for 12 days. We loved working together and solving any problems that came up. It was such an epic adventure and even though we had some horrible weather there were no arguments. Our favorite memory from that trip was spending our birthdays looking for northern lights. We first saw them on Jason’s birthday at Lake Myvatn and it was just an amazing experience to witness the lights for the first time together.”





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Kaitlin and Stephanie are a married lesbian couple from Vancouver, Canada. After their wedding and honeymoon at the end of 2015, they went back to their house, jobs, and regular routine. It didn’t take long for them to realize that settling down wasn’t right for them. Three months later they rented out their home, took their work on the road, and began their life of full-time travel. They feature shots and stories about their lifestyle as a same-sex couple and localized approach to travel on @Lezseetheworld.




“Our adventures have taken us across Canada, throughout Western Europe, down to Central America, to Asia, and most recently to Australia! We love to stay in houses and apartments when we travel, so we can really experience the authentic culture of each destination. It’s always our goal to live like locals everywhere we go. To us, travel is not about wealth and luxury, it is about having experiences that humble us and teach us gratitude for everything we have in our life. We also believe in visibility, and we think it’s important for same-sex couples to travel freely wherever it is safe to do so. We strive to share our experiences with others in the hopes that it will encourage couples of all types to get out and see the world!”





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Kate and Jeremy of @ourescapeclause are busy traveling the world together today but first, they were high school sweethearts. They’ve been traveling together full-time since May 2016, after they got married!




“You can usually find us on a hike somewhere gorgeous, swimming in a beautiful sea, wandering around a city, or planning one of the next destinations we want to explore. So far during our time on the road, we’ve experienced the desert in Morocco, gone cliff jumping in Croatia, learned to scuba pe in Thailand, climbed a volcano in Guatemala, tasted wine in Tuscany, and overlanded our way from Mexico to Panama. We can never pick a favorite adventure, but we’re not too worried about solving that problem! Our Instagram focuses on our adventures as we see them.”





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Madhurima and Sayantan of @orangewayfarer met in the southern peninsula of India, while she was pursuing her MBA and he was working at an investment bank. After knowing each other for just a few days they set off on a journey to explore the wilderness of Nilgiri hills and the exquisite beaches of Kerala. They share their budget and off-the-beaten-path travels on their joint IG account.




“Our travel journey started from Pondicherry and we have explored much of Southeast Asia, and some parts of India. We love to try different cuisine and cook the dishes back home. However, while I love more serene and off the beaten tracks, he prefers to stick to small towns if not the metropolis. We adjust our travel itinerary with ample space for both the choices. Our favorite travel memory remains one from the old streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. The old city has so much character to it!”





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Derek and Carine met 7 years ago through a mutual friend who set them up because of their love of hockey. Carine was eager to travel and two years after they got married Derek caught the travel bug. They share their adventures on @cd_traveldiary with lots of budget tips, and beautiful beaches!




“We decided to sell everything, quit our jobs and travel until we ran out of money! We started our trip on our 2-year wedding anniversary in mid-September and are loving every moment. Each time we live something incredible, it becomes our new favorite travel memory, from boating around Capri, to snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, to skyping together. We’re hoping to keep this going as long as possible because we’ve met such amazing people and have done some unforgettable things together!



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Rohan is from New Zealand and Max is from Germany–they met in a bar in Frankfurt and instantly bonded over a love of travel. Three years later they sold everything, quit their jobs, and began a journey from Germany to New Zealand, the extra long way! They share photos on @travelsofabookpacker of all the amazing people, buildings, views, and animals that they come across on their journey.


“We started by driving a campervan from Germany to Georgia. We sold the van and are now backpacking across the rest of the world until we reach New Zealand. We are currently in Iran heading to Sri Lanka, the Malpes, India, and Nepal over the next six months. Being together 24/7 is sometimes challenging and exhausting but mostly we have an amazing time and there’s no one else I’d rather be making memories with!”



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Lisanne and Jeffrey knew from their first date that they would travel around the world! They curate a beautiful feed on @ChapterTravel showcasing the destinations they visit from all corners of the globe.




“We were immediately talking about a long-term journey, just the two of us. We booked our one-way ticket before we were even official! It’s crazy because now we have spent more time together traveling, than being at home in our relationship. It’s a great experience to travel together as a couple. And it’s true what they say: a real test of your love. We passed it as we are still together after 1.5 years on the road.”




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Lisa and Liza not only share the same name but also a passion for travel. They are both from South Africa and have visited over 14 countries so far. @SoulDrifters focuses on all their favorite snaps while traveling–from adventures, cultural discoveries, and unique out of the ordinary places.




“We make the perfect team, Lisa leads us to adventures and Liza fascinates us with different cultural experiences. There is never a dull moment traveling together, from jumping off a 150m bridge to exploring the quiet halls of an ancient temple, we are an extension of each other and try to fulfill every experience possible. We believe there is a difference between being alive and actually living, so we blog about our experiences exploring the world trying to live fully.”





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Neil and Chandrika met online and were surprised to discover that they both came from families that have always been on the move every few years. Naturally, many of their interests and passions aligned. A year later they got hitched! They share their favorite travel photos on @TrippyPassports and have been to some seriously amazing places!




“We both knew we wanted to travel but the fire got fueled post our honeymoon in the Malpes. You know how you get to a place and in the pit of your stomach, you know this is what you want? Something told us we should pursue this passion and live our travel dreams. Because there are very few other things as fulfilling as exploring new countries and cultures. We haven’t looked back since. There have been ups and downs, fights and tears, but at the end of it all, we know this is what we want of our life together, to make a lifetime of memories.”





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Ivo and Carina are a Portuguese couple who are traveling together in Southeast Asia. They post often on @OneWayTicketrip about how they quit their jobs and gave up their comfortable life at home to explore the unknown, and to do it together.



“Our passion for travel begun on our first trip to Madrid! Since then, we just want to explore more and more! We have an unconditional desire to discover different places and realities. Our IG features inspiring content, intimately related to couple relationships and travel. We capture almost everything along the way, from luxury hotels to paradisiacal beaches.”




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Inge and Lobke are a lesbian couple traveling together for over 7 years! They’re both passionate about photography which shows on their account, @onlyoncetoday.




“As soon as we got together, we started traveling and just loving exploring the world as a couple. It’s not always easy to travel as an LGBT couple. We traveled across Central and South America and even lived in Mexico for 3 months! We’ve traveled through China and around Europe by train. We don’t plan on stopping soon and Europe is next up on our itinerary! Our plan is to explore the less visible lesbian scene in European cities.”





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Lianne and Adam grew up about an hour away from each other in the Tri-state area, went to universities in Florida, but did not meet until they were all the way in South Korea where they were both teaching English. They mostly share budget travel hacks, alternative ways to travel inexpensively, as well as the unique culture from around the world on @adamandlianne.




“We instantly bonded while talking about travel and were inseparable. In the early stages of our relationship, we spent most weekends traveling to various places around South Korea. Four months later, we took our first international trip together to China and Indonesia. Since we got along so well during that first trip, we ended up traveling to over a dozen countries together while traveling slowly over the past 4.5 years. Recently, we lived out of a campervan and did house sitting while driving all around Australia. The next adventure is serving in the Peace Corps as aquaculture volunteers in Zambia, where we’ll be living in a village for two years working on projects in food security and agriculture. There’s always a new adventure with us! Ironically, we have not yet been in the U.S. together!”




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