Vegan restaurants are showing up everywhere in most American cities. They’re enjoyed by vegans and omnivores who participate in Meatless Mondays or dine with plant-based friends. Whether you’re vegan, you’re looking to introduce more delicious animal-free food into your life, or you’re a vegan looking for a great restaurant to bring your meat-loving friends to, you should definitely add the following top 10 vegan eateries in Boston to your list.



Clover is the original vegan restaurant in Boston. It started as a food truck in 2008 and has since expanded to twelve brick-and-mortar locations. Most of the restaurants are in Boston and Cambridge but a couple can be found in the Greater Boston Area. The food trucks sadly stopped operating two years ago but the restaurants still offer great on-the-go meals for vegan food in Boston. Luckily, you can still get Clover’s amazing original dishes like the chickpea fritter sandwich as well as new menu items like the impossible meatball sub at all locations.


Life Alive Organic Cafe is the vegetarian equivalent of the b.Good. It’s a great spot for a working lunch and has many vegan options including warm grain bowls, salads, wraps, and noodle soups. Hungry visitors to Boston should visit Life Alive Organic Cafe for a hearty serving of fresh vegetables or a delicious soup to warm you up during a cold New England winter day. It has multiple locations in the city and plenty of space inside to hang out while you eat delicious vegan food in Boston.


Trendy salads and bowls have become all the rage in the United States recently. Whole Heart Provisions provides a vegan take on the trend with Asian- and Latin-inspired salads, bowls, and street-food sides. The long tables in the Cambridge location provide the perfect study space. Or you could bring your colleagues and introduce them to some of the most flavorful vegan food in the area. If you’re into spicy food, definitely try the Seoul Bowl.


By CHLOE has perfected the 50s diner vibe while incorporating modern flair. Order a vegan burger, salad, or brunch, and settle into one of the diner’s booths. Bring all your friends to the Fenway location in the shadow of Fenway Park before catching a game for beer and vegan fries. If you’re visiting solo, you can take a seat in one of the incredibly comfortable swinging chairs by the window. In the summer, enjoy the cool breeze blowing through the myriad open doors while you devour one of the many vegan ice cream options available at by CHLOE.


On some days you want nothing more than to have the quintessential smell of fresh oven-baked pizza filling your nostrils. Look no further than Veggie Crust to fulfill this craving. Each pizza is offered in both vegan and vegetarian options. The vegan cheese melts and spreads across the sauce and perfectly compliments toppings like pineapple and onions on the Hawaiian pizza. Additionally, the crust for all the pizzas is thin without being greasy or unstable. The special Manchurian sauce provides a unique flavor without being too spicy. You can get take-out pizza from Veggie Crust or enjoy a night at a pizza joint at either the Brookline or Somerville location.



Grasshopper, a vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Boston is an incredibly popular with a loyal following. Grasshopper has an extensive menu serving vegan versions of favorite Vietnamese meals. There are spring rolls, Vietnamese soups, and many noodle and rice dishes. If you’re in Boston and looking for a great vegan Vietnamese meal to share with friends, stop into Grasshopper and find out what the hype is all about.


Red Lentil is the perfect casual place to go when you want to enjoy a vegan meal in Boston at a bright and quiet restaurant. The menu first appears to favor Asian specialties, with soybean and mushroom-based soups and appetizers. Continue through the main dishes and find everything from Jamaican jerk tempeh to shepherd’s pie to the New England fall favorite, butternut squash polenta. The nirvana delight, described as an “Ayurveda-inspired meal” is one of the best items on the menu.


My Thai Vegan Café is beautifully decorated with many plants and lights. Diners can look out from their tables at the lights of Boston, perched high above the cars below. The food is even more impressive than the space. The delicious vegan Thai food tastes authentic. The best part about this Boston vegan restaurant is that they have perfected vegan meat. The pad kee moa drunken noodles with veggie-chicken is excellent. This is one of the nicer vegan restaurants in Boston and would be perfect for a special celebration or date night — especially if you have judgmental omnivores to please.



The creators of FoMu (a play on the words faux and moo) have invented a divine non-dairy vegan ice cream. Most flavors use a coconut cream base to achieve the rich creamy texture which most envision when thinking of ice cream. All of the ice creams are almond-milk or coconut-milk based, which makes FoMu the perfect option for lactose-intolerant foodies as well as vegans. Even the toppings, like hot fudge and chocolate chips, are vegan.


Union Square Donuts has been a Boston staple for sweet treats as long as anyone can remember. The founders have recently expanded beyond their flagship Somerville location to neighboring Boston towns like Brookline and the downtown Boston Public Market. In addition to the expanding locations, this donut shop has also expanded its menu. Union Square Donuts has made vegan donuts since 2014. The shop uses a yeast-based recipe combined with coconut oil and coconut milk then topped with a flavored vegan glaze. Flavors include cinnamon sugar, Belgian dark chocolate, and blackberry basil lime. Seasonal flavors change every couple of months. There are also vegan Cinnamon Sugar donut holes in case you want to bring some plant-based sweets to your next gathering.

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Kelly Soltis is the travel blogger behind Fit Fashion Traveler which focuses on healthy luxury travel. She’s visited over 30 countries and uses her experiences to help travelers plan active trips with high-end accommodations, restaurants, and activities. She’s a big fan of interacting with locals and gaining true cultural exposure when she travels. Though she’s not vegan, she participates in Meatless Monday, often cooks meat-free at home and dines with her veggie friends. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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