As much as I loved all the vegan cafes in Saigon I was blown away by the quality and variety of vegan food available in Da Nang. I’ve spent about a week here and planned most of my time around where I was going to eat great vegan food in Da Nang. Most of the cafes are incredibly aesthetic too–making them soothing environments to work from for the day. Here’s my guide to vegan food in Da Nang, Vietnam.



If I had to choose my all-time top 5 vegan restaurants, Roots (GoogleMaps) would certainly be on the list. This beautiful fully-vegan restaurant is adjacent to Wanderlust Cafe and operated by the same owner. The rustic eatery recently got a makeover and now has an indoor section with A/C which is a blessing in the deep heat of the summer in Vietnam.

At Roots you can find a gigantic menu with loads of local dishes such as the zen bowl with many healthy fats like edamame and pumpkin seeds combined with wakame, shiitake mushrooms, turmeric tofu, and pickled ginger. I also love their burgers which have super unique buns made out of Asian ingredients including activated charcoal and turmeric. The smoothie bowls are picture-perfect and super tasty with loads of superfood add on’s such as spirulina and chia seeds.


It was a much-needed break from overly oily and sweetened food to have a simple and healthy meal at Bao An Macrobiotic (Google Maps). They prepare plant-based plates the same way I would if I were cooking for myself–full of flavor and wholesome locally sourced ingredients. If you’re a digital nomad in Da Nang and looking for somewhere to source organic produce and staples they also have a small store.


This Hoi An favorite also has an outpost in Da Nang located here. Read the Hoi An vegan guide to see what they offer.


I was thrilled when I arrived at Goom (Google Maps) and saw that not only did they have an abundance of kombucha flavors but they also had several dishes with kale! I went a bit overboard and ordered the garlic chickpeas and kale AND the vegan pizza.

The vegan pizza is about as good as it looks so give it a pass and instead go to Pizza 4P’s (Google Maps) for authentic Italian pizza. They don’t have vegan cheese but they do have loads of veggies. Back to Goom, not only do they serve clean organic food but they also have a zero-waste shop where you can buy grains and also plastic-free toiletries like shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes. I was delighted when Goom opened up recently in my Vietnamese home, Hoi An!



ANs Vegetarian (Google Maps) isn’t strictly vegan as there are some vegetarian dishes on the menu (with eggs and milk) so be sure to specify your dietary preferences when ordering. The menu is extensive and offers unique dishes from all over the globe. These Japanese udon noodles were to die for and the corn fritters were equally delicious.



There are extremely limited vegetarian options at Happy Heart (Google Maps) which is how I ended up with these less-than-exciting fried veg noodles. However, I would have gone here and eaten just about anything veg on the menu as this cafe is dedicated to giving back to the community with various social and eco-sustainability programs. They serve drinks with my beloved bamboo straws but more importantly, they’ve created employment opportunities for their almost entirely deaf staff.


Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producing country in the world so it’s no surprise that there’s a major coffee scene in Da Nang! Especially with all those digital nomads that survive off of caffeine–like yours truly. Well, I like long black Americanos or specialty coffee drinks like charcoal lattes like the one pictured above from Wanderlust Cafe. But, most Vietnamese drink Ca Phe Sua Da which is basically a slow drip espresso that’s extremely thick and syrupy mixed with condensed milk–not vegan-friendly.

If you’re vegan I can’t stress enough that CONG CaPhe does NOT have a vegan coconut coffee, they always premix the coconut milk with condensed milk. I had strong and tasty coffee at Why Roastery (Google Maps) but they didn’t have any plant milk so I just had a regular ole iced Americano, but it was great! Another beautiful spot for coffee in Da Nang is the quirky Sound Cafe (Google Maps).


My favorite coffee shop in Da Nang is Wanderlust Cafe (Google Maps). They take the cake though for the strongest coffee and eco-consciousness as they serve coffee and cocktails reusable bamboo straws. They were happy to make me a vegan-friendly coconut coffee (sans condensed milk) but were horrified that it’d taste bad. It didn’t! I love vegan coconut coffee–the one at Wanderlust was so intense that it had me shaking literally all day. Be sure to come back here at night for craft cocktails and live music.


I had an amazing coconut coffee at Brewman Coffee Concept (Google Maps) but it wasn’t as close to my hotel so I only got to go here once.

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  1. Definitely worth reading. This is the first time to read about Vegan.. i will.definitely come back to learn more..Thank you!

  2. Oooh these look delicious! I had no idea there was so much fantastic Vietnamese vegan food! Was it similar all over Vietnam, or did Da Nang stand out as being particularly good? Each of these places looks fantastique, but that bowl from roots is making me drool!

  3. So happy I found this guide as I’ll be heading to Vietnam in early 2020 and this saves me so much trouble of having to search for all these places myself! Thanks for sharing!

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