Lovers of plant-based food need not worry about where to fill their stomachs if they’re in Ljubljana. Although it may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a place that is a veggie paradise, Ljubljana has many vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Slovenian gastronomy is already very popular but Ljubljana is making a name for itself as a true veggie destination. These are the top 10 best vegan restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



Veganika restaurant servers different healthy vegan lunches, such as daily soups, chili, salad bowls, vegan flat meatballs. They also offer delicious colorful and inventive cakes, tarts, brownies and other sweets that are made daily. If you love fermented foods such as kefir and kimchi you’re in the right place. Their coffee served with plant-based milk is delicious.

Location: Komenskega ulica 30


The world’s fastest-growing international vegan restaurant chain, Loving Hut has a location in Ljubljana. Located just across the main train station, this spot is a favorite among a bevy of travelers. In this self-service restaurant, diners can shamelessly fill their plates with a wide variety of vegan goodness. Try their pizzas, raw cakes, sandwiches, vegan desserts and of course, smoothies for a little refreshment.

Location: Trg Osvobodilne fronte 14


Located in the city center, a small restaurant Gaudi has a philosophy of holistic and healthy living with the principle of Ayurveda. They offer vegan and gluten-free dishes from local producers. You can choose seitan burgers, Gaudi burgers with quinoa and potatoes, Pad Thai, Buddha bowl, stews, raw desserts, and more.

Location: Nazorjeva ulica 10




Located just below the arcades of Ljubljana, Barbarella Arkade Bistro is a haven for hungry plant-based eaters. Diners can start by quenching their thirst with a wide array of freshly-squeezed juices then move on to vegan dishes such as vegan burgers, salads, and soups. Barbarella has rice bowls for gluten-free diners. One thing that sets Barbarella apart from other veggie restaurants in the vicinity is that they offer a wide array of mouth-watering desserts. Barbarella has freshly prepared pies, cookies, and cakes. All of the food is made from locally-sourced organic, seasonal ingredients and some dishes are also gluten-free.

Location: Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 3 nasproti pokrite


Situated in Preseren Square, Presnica is a favorite among locals as well as tourists that are looking for fresh, healthy, delicious, and affordable vegan food. Diners can expect servings of salads, soups, and sandwiches that they can enjoy on the go. Some of the restaurant’s bestsellers are the chia pudding, croissants, gluten-free sweets, and raw cakes. Coffee comes with dairy-free alternatives.

Location: Prešernov trg 2


Located in the famed Cankarjev Dom cultural center, Bazilika Idealist is a convenient stop for people who are searching for delicious vegan food during late hours. The menu is full of different kinds of homemade soups, savory pies, chocolate brownies, sandwiches with avocado, hummus, and baby spinach. Vegetables used in the dishes are often organic and local. You’ll also find a selection of Slovene craft beer and wine to enjoy with your vegan meal in Ljubljana.

Location: Trg francoske revolucije 5


Radha Govinda is a must for a plethora of flavor. The vegetarian restaurant is self-service with plenty of vegan options. You can mix and match different dishes that change daily. Indian cuisine is based on Ayurvedic principles with a large variety of dishes from Balkans, Slovenian and Mediterranean cuisine. For a special vegan travel experience in Ljubljana take part in the cooking class at the restaurant.

Location: Žibertova ulica 23


Gourmet Vegan is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan dishes and gluten-free options. Some of their main dishes include chickpea burger with tomatoes and tahini, red rice with vegetables, bruschetta, salad bowl, raw cakes of choice, etc. All ingredients have certified organic origin.Their carefully selected drinks include freshly-squeezed juices, a unique Ayurvedic tea selection, kombucha, and herb-based energy drinks. They also offer organic and biodynamic wines.

Location: Nazorjeva ulica 3


Fari’s Delice is a Persian restaurant that offers vegan Middle Eastern dishes. One of their highlights is the falafel, served with a dollop of fresh vegetables and hummus that’s either stacked on a plate or wrapped in a tortilla.

Location: Miklošičeva cesta 34


A staple in the city’s plant-based foodie scene, Organic Garden offers vegan and vegetarian options. It serves soups, vegan burgers, salads, vegan-friendly sandwiches, and smoothies. The mall and cozy space is the perfect spot for vegans who would just like to enjoy comfort food when hungry. Their innovative burgers are yellow chickpea burger, red burger (made of red beans) and black burger (made of black beans) and are a must-try.

Location: Ciril-Metodov trg 11

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