Bali is home to many blissful things but ranked high atop that list are the dozens of dreamy smoothie bowls waiting to be devoured by you to your heart’s content. Bali smoothie bowls come in an array of rainbow-colored fruit blended to perfection with the toppings of your choice such as granola, toasted nuts, seeds, or even decadent coconut cream. Not only are they pretty, they’re also a nutritious way to start your day and absolutely delicious! I did the hard part of taste testing our every smoothie bowl I saw while exploring Bali. I’ve also tapped into a few travel bloggers bellies to get the intel on which smoothie bowls they loved in Bali. Here are the ten best spots for smoothie bowls in Bali.


It’s only right to start off with the company behind Bali’s first smoothie bowl–Nalu! Nalu Bowls has been whipping up these confections for the longest time and still does it best. They only use fresh local seasonal fruit and homemade granola that’s baked in-house every day. Nalu Bowls has a massive variety of smoothie bowl options to choose from and locations all across Bali. My favorite location is the Nula Bowls that operates on the ground level of Shelter Bali. Guests can order Nula Bowls in the gorgeous restaurant and enjoy them with my favorite compliment to smoothie bowls, kombucha! I opted for the plant-protein packed J-bay equipped with soy milk, banana, and peanut butter.


The garden gangstas at Café Organic are fully on board with the life motto, no bad days. The 100% vegan cafe not only has some of the best smoothie bowls in Bali but also boasts incredible ambiance through beachy decor and uplifting messages seen throughout the Seminyak cafe. The menu here accommodates all sorts of healthy eaters with gluten-free, raw, and loads of super-food options. I ordered the nutritious Bondi bowl with tropical fruits like coconut, banana, blueberry, and mango from their organic farm. While I was initially really sad by how small my smoothie bowl was I was delighted to find the coconut meat was still in the shell-turned-bowl. It ended up being just the right amount of food to kickstart my day of beach hopping around Kuta.


This millennial pink cafe is easily the most Instagrammable eatery in Bali, that is if you can snag a seat in front of the coveted ‘another day in paradise’ mural. Good luck, I waited patiently a few times and never caught my chance as I wanted to actually eat my smoothie bowl before it completely melted, imagine that! Beyond the darling artwork, Kynd Community is known for their over-the-topic exotic fruit bowls that are also customizable. You can write whatever you’d like in your bowl, up to ten characters. I wanted to surprise my ex-boyfriend and thought at the time that a smoothie bowl that read Lola loves Julio would be timeless. In hindsight at least I didn’t get that tattooed on my body, right? If you’re not feeling creative their go-to phrases are BALI BABE, BALI VIBES, and LOVE BALI. The real draw to Kynd Community is the open-hearted message of kindness that the place exudes through the welcoming staff, healthy vegan food, and even positive postcards on hand for guests to color as they wait for their smoothie bowls. Who wouldn’t be hooked with this fantastic slogan, “By living a plant-based lifestyle you will not only make a positive impact on the planet but you will age slower, have way more energy, and look even better naked.” I wholeheartedly agree!


The unsuspecting Cookies Coffee Shop is perched on a hill in Nusa Lembongan overlooking the stunning Indonesian archipelago wasn’t where I expected to find smoothie bowl heaven. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw smoothie bowls on the menu and ordered the avocado concoction. Yes, avocado is a fruit! It’s very high in nutrients and healthy fats making for a creamy decadent smoothie bowl. The relaxed local warung is a fantastic place to have breakfast before exploring the Nusa Islands.


Another great spot for smoothie bowls in the Nusa Islands is Bali Eco Deli. The ethical cafe is doing their part to rid Indonesia of plastic by collecting recycled bottles and bags and offering free refills of reusable water bottles. Their breakfast bowls are made up of farm fresh organic fruits from their farm and topped with homemade granola.


Possibly my favorite Warung in Bali Dayu’s in Ubud offers massive smoothie bowls that are really affordable. You won’t find a picturesque presentation here but believe it or not, the appearance of a smoothie bowl doesn’t impact the taste whatsoever. I’m obsessed with pitaya and think you should give it a try to enjoy the many health benefits the strange fruit offers such as antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats.


Aneesha of Om Nom Nirvana makes a bold statement that the green smoothie bowl from The Chillhouse in Canggu is the best in Bali. She defends her choice by saying, “completely vegan, it’s delicious with spinach, coconut milk, coconut chips, granola, sunflower seeds, tropical fruits and more. It’s a perfect power-packed breakfast before surfing! If you’re a guest at the Chillhouse, you’re in luck because this breakfast item comes as included in your stay.” Check if The Chillhouse has a room available during your stay here. Beyond smoothie bowls, you’ll be able to indulge in yoga practices and surf lessons!


My travel gal pal Nam of Laugh Travel Eat shares that the best smoothie bowl she had in Bali was at The Shady Shack. Nam says that “they offer a variety of smoothie bowls that are on the pricier end but huge portions, perfect for sharing (or for those who are super hungry). They have six different smoothie bowls for you to choose from, covering all the fruity flavours as well as cocoa and coffee. My smoothie bowl choice was the Lost Paradise, with dragon fruit and pineapple as the main components.” These gorgeous smoothie bowls are overflowing and are so pretty you may not want to eat them!


I didn’t have time to make it to the Peloton Supershop myself but luckily Meesen from behere did. She recommends the green and pink bowls and shares that “the smoothie bowls at Peleton Super Shop was one of my favorites in Canggu. Perfect texture, smooth, creamy, cold, vegan, and filled with an added bonus of veggies. The toppings are also superb with fresh fruit, banana and berries, plus lots of coconut, some edible flower petals and tasty homemade granola! An added sweet touch is the piece of mint they place on top and the super sweet spoon that comes with it that has ‘be kind’ engraved on it.” The vegan cafe supports the World Unite foundation to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in nearby Sumatra, Indonesia.


Traveler Nikki Naks loves the smoothie bowls from Crate. “Overlooking the rice fields Crate is the best breakkie in town. The menu is big enough to suit every taste, and after two weeks of making it our daily morning ritual (we just can’t bring ourselves to try another spot!) we still haven’t tried everything on the menu but the Hipstar smoothie bowl is a standout. With creamy fresh coconuts and delicious roasted cashews it’s out of this world!”

To make your own Bali inspired smoothie bowl at home order this kindle-friendly cookbook, Superfood Smoothie Bowls, which is full of recipes of fruity goodness. Toss seasonal fruit into a food processor or blender and add in boosts such as acai powder or matcha green tea powder and serve it up in a heart-shaped coconut wood bowl!

Where have you had the best smoothie bowl in Bali? Tell us in the comments!

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