To celebrate World Tourism Day with Backstreet Academy I asked Instagrammers to share why responsible travel matters to them. Their answers were so poignant that I’ve decided to share them with you all here. Be sure to leave a comment to tell me why responsible travel matters for you!

“For us, the only future of travel is a more responsible one–if we don’t make changes to how we travel now, there simply won’t be much left to explore.” – @soultravelblog

“Because tourism has a huge impact on local communities, and if were benefiting from traveling to those communities,  it’s so important to make sure that they are too! – @temporaryprovisions

“Because as travelers we should be leaving the place the same or better than before we came. the impact tourism has on the environment can be detrimental, so making sure we are reducing it or eliminating it is key.” – @thelifeofasolivagant

“Because what we enjoy and benefit from should do no harm to other people, places, cultures, and animals. We are all responsible for ensuring that the benefits of tourism are maximized and that any negative impacts are minimized through our actions.” – @lifeinminiaturepictures 

“Because it’s a key factor in shifting the global conversation from scarcity to abundance and because it helps remind us just how connected we all are.” – @greensuitcasetravel

“Because every ‘destination’ is somebody’s home and should be treated with the same respect we would afford our own corner of the world.” – @emily_lush

“Because we have one planet and I’d like to see it all without destroying its magic. I want to treat it with love the way it treats me.” – @sillylittletara

“Because as a citizen of a country that has been colonized and a resident of a gentrified city I know first hand the importance of ensuring and protecting the most at risk of exploitation due to mass tourism.” – @gabi_niv

“It matters to me because it’s the key to a better future. When we relate to something, we care. If responsible travel is encouraged, people will feel and care and talk, minds will expand, walls will be broken down and things will be changed. Responsible travel is the only way forward–tourism is here to stay, so let’s use it as a tool and do it right.” – @hazaarthebazaar

“Because it’s heartbreaking to imagine a world where beautiful natural sites like the Great Barrier Reed are disappearing and cultures in certain destinations are also being destroyed. We only have one home, Earth, and it’s our responsibility, not choice, to take care of it.” – @theblessingbucket

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