The mustard-hued Hoi An Ancient Town has been protected by UNESCO since 1999. A part of the regulations is that all buildings must use traditional methods and design ethos which helps the area maintain an authentic charm.  Here are 20 postcard-worthy pictures of darling Hoi An.

Hoi An was a major hub along the silk trade route which is vastly apparent in the perse architecture. Take a stroll past the ornate Japanese covered bridge, the stunning Chinese Fukian assembly hall and endless golden French colonial buildings. 

The best time to explore Hoi An Ancient Town is at dawn when there are no crowds and just local preparing for the day, or during the pedestrian-only times when at least you can walk freely in the street, even if it’s with hundreds of other tourists. The timing varies a bit based on the season but is typically from 9-11 AM and 3-8 PM.

After exploring the Hoi An Ancient Town head out to the rice terraces and Tra Que vegetable village to get a glimpse at local life.

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  1. Lo these pictures are amazing. I love that you show daily life by including a person in the pictures. M

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