If you’ve been following @MissFilatelista on Instagram it will come as no surprise to you that I love street art. It’s right up there with one of the top reasons why I travel along with learning about local cultural norms and eating all the food. Penang is a mecca of all three and I really enjoyed strolling the city streets and discovering a wide variety of murals in all sorts of artistic styles, political messages, and sizes. Here I’ve gathered some of my favorites that did not fit into my George Town, Penang Travel Guide.

Recently I spoke with Northern Lauren about my street art passion, “I’m always pleasantly surprised when I arrive in a city and find it’s been painted with moving murals of local culture. Most recently I visited Penang (an island in northern Malaysia) that’s famous for its street art. But don’t expect to find many tags or controversial, political messages here. Instead, the art that can be found around the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town depicts locals in various moments of day to day life. Children are painted in various playful scenes – shooting hoops, swinging, and riding bicycles. Vendors are portrayed hawking their goods, women are portrayed in their beautiful traditional garments, and there are more murals of cats than I can count!”

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