I was invited on a private tour of the Orchids and Rose Garden with Andrew, whose father started the farm as a young man. His father began to cultivate local fauna to save the plant species from the development and construction that was happening in the area when he was just 16-years old. Today he is 70 and still works hard at the garden every day, during our visit he was up in a tree building a wooden tree house that would look out over the magical place he’s created. Andrew was incredibly proud of this project his father created and was so passionate about the garden and everything that lives here. His energy was contagious and we were so inspired to try to learn more about local plants everywhere we go. We learned about the medicinal properties of the indigenous plants and even got to try the bitter Cameron orange and wild berries.



We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos from our curated tour to show you the wild plants we learned about from Andrew. Can you spot the pepper flower, which closes at night and opens in the morning? Or the Jambu tree with its red guava fruit? Did you know you could eat raw sitawa to help cure kidney stones? Or use ayamas leaves to stop bleeding? And marigolds are used to purify the air?



Before we had no idea that wild orchids grow on branches of trees or that morning flowers change color in the evening from blue to purple. One of my favorite flowers we learned about is the seven sisters rose that always has at least 7 flowers. I was so excited to show Julio the lady shoe flower, which I had seen for the first time in India. He was so confused when I made him drink the nectar but was dazzled at the sweet, refreshing taste. We were amazed to discover that there is a jungle fern that glows in the reflection of the moonlight and that ginger actually has a beautiful blossom. We sought shade from the sun under massive alocasia leaves, the largest in Malaysia. We were delighted as we walked along with begonia leaves that changed colors from iridescent hues of purples to blue as we passed by.



To say the least this is a transformative experience in Cameron Highlands for nature lovers or those who are curious. Do not miss the Orchids and Rose Garden while visiting Malaysia! Special thanks to Covry for sending me these amazing rose-hued Electra Stardust sunglasses, they were the perfect shades for exploring the gardens.















Thank you, Orchid and Rose Garden for your hospitality and for showing me the incredible nature center your family has created. We were guests here but all opinions and photos are my own. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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