Less than an hour outside of Chiang Mai is a serene oasis where travelers can escape to the mountains to a relaxing retreat that’ll allow them to soothe their worries, get in touch with nature, and deepen their meditation practice. Panviman Resort is a luxurious hideaway that’s in harmony with nature and sustainability. Here are five things you’ll love about Panviman Chiang Mai Resort.

Even the name of the resort brings an image of tranquility to mind, pan means alike and viman means paradise in Thai. The northern Thailand resort is certainly alike to paradise. Panviman Chiang Mai was given World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2015 and in the same year was honored with a Thailand Tourism Award.


Panviman operates an on-site organic vegetable farm where they grow the majority of the produce served in their open-air Panorama restaurant with strictly eco-friendly and non-chemical practices. The expansive breakfast buffet and various vegan-friendly dishes were exceptionally delicious due to the pesticide-free farm-to-table veggies. They even offer an assortment of fresh pressed juice each morning depending on the seasonal offering! Better yet is the absolutely melt-in-your-mouth made to perfection handmade jams! I never knew that pandan jam was something I needed in my life, until now. Panviman’s commitment to sustainability is also at the core of their staffing policies. Over 90% of the employees at Panviman Chiang Mai Resort live in the surrounding villages and are members of Thailand’s many perse hilltribes.


The majestic buildings at Panviman were built to reflect traditional Lanna and Ayuthaya Thai architecture styles and are sprinkled around the sprawling luscious landscape in a manner that compliments nature rather than obstructing it. Panviman Chiang Mai is truly heaven on earth.

For breathtaking panoramic views of the agriculture terrain of the Mae Rim Valley stop by the Hilltribe Terrace. If you’re feeling adventurous you can borrow a mountain bike from the Panviman reception and head out to explore the surrounding villages. The mountainous area of Mae Rim has certainly earned the nickname of ‘heaven in the hills.’


Don’t just take my word for it that the Viman Spa is home to the very best Thai massage in the world. Panviman Chiang Mai’s Viman Spa has received the Thai Spa Excellence Quality Standard Approval and is regarded as the 4th best spa in Southeast Asia and 2nd best spa in Thailand. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist booking a Thai massage at the stunning outdoor spa pavilion.

The gorgeous spa is tucked away in the vast greenery of the resort in a quaint oasis surrounded by lush jungle and serene lakes. The open-air treatment rooms allow for a cool breeze to tickle your skin as talented technicians maneuver your body into ancient Thai massage postures that make your body feel so brand new. My masseuse was firm and sturdy in her touch and managed to relive my body from tension.

Panviman Chiang Mai Spa is the perfect place to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. After my treatment, I was vibrating with energy both inside and out and found my way to the lily pond to sit and ponder and appreciate this restorative feeling.


Everything about Panviman Chiang Mai was designed with relaxing and healing in mind. There are endless zen corners around the massive complex intended for self-reflection and meditation. Those who seek inner balance will want to spend the morning in solitude at the tranquil meditation cave. It’s the perfect place to look within and express gratitude towards Mother Nature.

The best way to spend a day at Panviman Chiang Mai is to lazily float from one infinity pool to the next, there are two to choose from, or you can splurge and book the private pool villa for a lap of luxury.


I stayed in one of the resorts many sublime Jacuzzi Villas with my friend Nam of Laugh Travel Eat. We were astonished by the delightful room perched high in the mountains–no attention to detail was spared as every aspect of the room with simply beautiful.

The massive plush bed was certainly fit for queens and was surrounded by decadent dark wood furnishings, earth-toned linens, and beautiful floor to ceiling windows that bathed the room in warm light. From the large porch, we had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. At night it was eerily silent as the glow of the full shone the window creating a tranquil ambiance.

As the name suggests we had our own massive jacuzzi on our balcony which we filled with cool water and body wash from the ceramic reusable toiletry containers. It’d been ages since I played in a bubble bath!

It was hard to convince myself to leave the gorgeous guest room which had one of my all-time favorite room features, a reading nook! It made it a bit less painful to spend mornings and evenings working from my computer when I was able to do so in such a cozy environment.

I absolutely adore Chiang Mai but it was a breath of fresh air, literally, to have a little staycation in the hills. If you’re seeking a stay in nature don’t hesitate to reserve a guest room at Panviman on Booking.com. Panviman has several have daily shuttle service to the Chiang Mai old town so you’ll still have the chance to explore all of the incredible temples, vegan restaurants, get a Sak Yant tattoo, or enjoy the magical Yee Peng and Loy Krathong festival!

Thank you Panviman Chiang Mai Resort for hosting me. Some photos of me were taken by Nam of Laugh Travel Eat. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.


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  2. Omg I'm totally convinced about staying here! It has all I need <3

  3. Wow.. This looks really relaxing! The tranquil meditation cave looks cool.. I'm sure meditating here is awesome!

  4. I've been to Chiang Mai, among other places in Thailand and LOVED Thailand! One day I would love to return to explore more in the north, and would have to visit this place for sure!

  5. Oh, wow! I still haven't visited Chiang Mai despite living in Thailand on a few different occasions. Every year I say to myself, this time I'm going! I really, really need to go there. That pandan jam sounds exactly my cup of tea as it turns out, I fell in love with pandan tea a while ago. A beautiful, beautiful hotel! Hope I get to visit it one day.

  6. Looks just beautiful there! Great to see a luxury resort committed to sustainable practices.

  7. I visited Chiang Mai when I was a little kid but boy do I need to go back. And when I do, this will be my kind of a stay! Absolutely stunning property in photos 🙂

  8. Ahhhh that jacuzzi is goalsssss! I definitely need to stay here when I make it out!

  9. Gotta love those mountains around Chiang Mai, right Lola?

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