If you’ve been following @MissFilatelista for a while then you know it’s no secret that I seriously #havethisthingwithdoors. From Spain, Thailand, Portugal, India and most of all, Morocco, my door obsession has grown with each country I visit. I visited Morocco three times last year (not just for the doors, I promise) and have gathered the best door shots I shared on Instagram from Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Essaouira, Taghazout, Meknes, Fez, Tetouan, and Chefchaouen.

Part of the beauty of the doors in Morocco is that they can be found absolutely anywhere. Decorative entries can be found everywhere from local homes, stunning riads, ancient palaces, mysterious mosques, historic universities, exciting shops, and beyond! The best way to discover majestic doors like these is to simply get lost and wander the medina streets. If I can guarantee you one thing about your trip to Morocco it’s that you’ll be enamored with dozens of beautiful doors.










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  1. Beautiful photos with so much colour and details! I have developed a serious thing with doors (and windows), too, so I totally feel you.

  2. So glad you like the photos! The colors are incredibly inspiring. You are right, windows are awesome too!

  3. Such an interesting collection! No wonder you like taking photos of those gorgeous doors! It's an art on its own!

  4. So glad you like the collection of door shots, Marvi! They certainly are an art.

  5. wow! these are amazing shots, and beautiful doors, I want to go there.!! actually it is in my Bucket list!

  6. These are gorgeous! I'd never been to Morocco but I'd seen enough to convince me to go. It's one of the few items in my bucket list. 🙂

  7. Some of these doors are to die for! Such awesome inspiration.

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