One of the most frequent questions I get asked when discussing my life as a digital nomad and a full-time traveler is, don’t I ever get burnt out? The answer is yes, of course, I do. Constantly moving from place to place, usually by way of public transport, can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Luckily, just as I was starting to feel the need for a day of doing absolutely nothing, I was set to stay as a guest at the luxurious Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. I relished in a full 24 hours without leaving the premises and simply enjoyed the luxurious setting to allow myself to unwind a bit. It was the perfect spot to recharge after vigorously practicing yoga twice a day in the summer heat and before heading up to Udawalawe for a safari. 




I was greeted at Palm Paradise by a butler who had been assigned to care for my villa and escorted through the jungle to my incredible deluxe room, which was actually a whole house! The room was so massive that it comfortably fit a king size bed and a couch with plenty of remaining space. I immediately rolled out my yoga mat and practiced in front of the floor to ceiling windows that faced the jungle with slivers of the Indian Ocean peeking through. Is there anything more peaceful than the sound of waves?




After my practice, I made a cup of herbal tea and sat on my verandah to watch the langur monkeys playing high above in the lush jungle treetops. Did you know langur monkeys have tails that are longer than their entire bodies? This allows them to stay balanced as they leap across the trees. 




I made my way down to the cozy private Palm Paradise beach to discover that the small cove was absolutely empty. I was able to freely stroll down the shore in my bikini without worrying about someone stealing my things or staring at me, a rare luxury at an Asian beach. My soul began to feel soothed as the sea breeze tickled my skin and the sand melted way between my toes. Palm Paradise is eco-conscious and built on the premises to support the properties natural jungle environment. The used natural building materials, renewable solar powered energy, minimal water consumption, recycle solid waste and low voltage energy. To reduce plastic consumption they use ceramic refillable jars for toiletries and every toilet has a water gun which is better to use than toilet paper.




On the walk back to my villa I nearly stepped on a snake in the sand. I had no idea snakes liked the sand or could be found near the beach. Sri Lanka has been one wild animal interaction after another. Constantly being in such close proximity to the jungle provides unlimited opportunities to get back in touch with nature, flora, and fauna. The path from the beach twists and turns through the jungle where the cabanas are located. The rustic beach huts at Palm Paradise seemed so welcoming, I would love to stay in one next time I visit! I am an avid fan of hammocks and can’t resist jumping into one whenever I see one. They are sprinkled around the property at Palm Paradise, tied between massive trees as they gently sway in the ocean breeze.




In the early evening, I treated myself to a gentle Ayurvedic oil massage in the massage hut. The jungle heat warmed my muscles as salt in the air mixed with the oil on my body and settled into my skin. The next day my whole body was super silky and smooth. Ayurvedic massage is meant to push all of the toxins out of your tissue and into your digestive system for expulsion.



I got one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in ages. The bed was soft and fluffy like a cloud. The concealed property was completely silent to any artificial noises. Palm Paradise is down a long narrow road a full 10 minutes away from the city. To sleep without the sound of tuk-tuks zooming by, commotion from late night festivities and honking horns was pure bliss. The next day I spent the entire morning lounging by the oblong pool soaking up the sun, swimming laps, floating aimlessly, and enjoying fresh local fruit. I finally had the time to finish Holy Cow, an excellent reflection on India’s constant contradictions that any traveler headed to the country should absolutely read!



It is currently the offseason in Sri Lanka and the monsoon season in the south. But I could not have asked for better weather, or ambiance. Temperatures stayed in the high 80’s with a short spurt of rain in the early evening, long after the sunny hours of bathing by the pool. I rarely saw any other guests during my stay and was able to enjoy complete solitude in this jungle paradise which enabled me to truly, deeply, relax. But I did get to cuddle with the sweet puppies that like to hide under the jungle cabanas!



Thank you, Palm Paradise Cabanas, for hosting me in your amazing villa in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. All opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links, please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information. 


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  1. Wow, this sounds like complete relaxation heaven. Looks like the perfect place to stay to unwind. I really enjoyed reading Holy Cow too.

  2. It was exactly that, the perfect place for complete relaxation! Glad you liked Holy Cow! I am happy I read it after going to India, not before!

  3. Sri Lanka looks gorgeously wild. I'd definitely love to stay at Palm Paradise – I was recently in Jamaica and barely left my hotel room as I ;loved my luxe suite and needed a break so I understand the burnout 🙂

  4. Wow that sounds like a lovely experience! Jamaica is on my bucket list. xx

  5. A very travel inspiring post! Looks like a perfect retreat, especially when the winter takes over Europe 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  6. I am so glad you liked this! Yes, it would be the perfect escape from the European winter.

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