The only souvenirs I purchase as I travel are traditional wearable crafts. My fascination with local textiles and costume traditions usually flows over into my wardrobe. Traveling full-time means extremely limited space, but I can always make room for more memorable accessories. Especially those that are handmade by female artisans. I cherish the artisan beaded necklace I picked up in Borneo, a circular rattan bag in Bali, a golden tree branch bracelet I got in Pushkar, India, tiny gold hoops in Jodhpur, India, and the amethyst mala necklace and moonstone bracelet I designed in Rishikesh, India. 

Rings are of particular importance to me. I wear three rings every single day that were gifts from my family. They’re so much more than keepsakes, I believe in the power of the gemstones and like to keep them close at hand.  In Uruguay, we believe that amethyst protects travelers. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my amethyst ring that my parents gave me when I left the States to start traveling.  I also wear an opal ring (my birthstone) that my father gave me when I turned 13 and a rose gold ring set with tiny diamonds that my parents got me to congratulate me for a major milestone. 

I had been searching for some new rings to add to my treasury when I learned about Dune Jewelry, the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company®. I was thrilled to find out that the female-founded and operated jewelry brand offers custom pieces handmade by artisans in Boston. Buying products that are made in the USA reduces your carbon footprint and creates local jobs. This is a more responsible purchase than buying jewelry that uses imported materials and is manufactured in low-cost countries then shipped overseas.

I have a deep admiration for the sea. My most precious childhood memories were formed on various coasts around the world. Dune Jewelry combines my love for meaningful jewelry created by craftswomen and all things related to the beach. From the bespoke collection, I chose the 14-karat gold delicate oval stacker ring trio. I already wear my talisman rings as a stack on my right ring finger and was instantly attracted to adding more rings to the pile. The thin 1mm band and petite sand gems fit perfectly on top of the three rings I already wear on that finger. 

There are countless beaches around the globe that are near and dear to my heart. Of all the beaches I’ve been to the most special are the ones that I visited with my family. The sea has always been an extended member of our family. Our most precious memories together are from moments spent frolicking in the sands of these shores. With Dune Jewelry I can carry these wonderful moments with me wherever my travels take me. 

The ring with the lightest sand is from La Paloma, Uruguay. This is the beach near the pueblo where my father grew up. My family moved to Uruguay when I was three years old and I still have memories strolling the coastline with my abuela and collecting seashells. This beach holds a special place in my parent’s heart as well, they say they decided to start a family there.

The ring with the darkest sand is from Pompano Beach, Florida. My family currently lives in the sunny SoFlo beach town where we spent summers vacationing throughout my childhood. I cherish my memories from Pompano–especially walks on the beach with my sister sharing headphones and rocking out to Spice Girls. My family moved to Pompano Beach just before I left the States to travel and I got to spend five months with them there before I headed off on my adventure.

The ring with the medium shade of sand is from La Jolla, San Diego, California. This is the beach town in California where I was born. Although I only lived there until I was three, I can recall the sound of the sea lions, the feel of the sand in my mouth (gross, I know), and the goldfish that lived in the pond at our condo. My mom likes to tell a tale that she practically tossed me into the waves as an infant and I immediately began to swim. Far fetched but ever since, I have been the sirena, or mermaid, in my family. 

What made my rings extra special is that my mom actually picked out the sand for me in La Paloma and Pompano Beach. The extra sand was sent back to me and I burst into tears when I felt the sand in my hand. I haven’t seen my mom in a year and seeing her handwriting made me incredibly homesick. No matter where I am in the world, my family can be with me with these sentimental Dune Jewelry oval sand rings. Dune Jewelry is also a great conversation starter. I am complimented on my rings so often and overjoyed when I get to share their story with the people I encounter as I travel.

Dune Jewelry is a meaningful holiday gift for girls who travel. Buying gifts for travelers can be difficult as we typically have no room in our bags for physical items and gift cards and cash are so meaningless and un-personalized. Luckily, jewelry is an incredibly thoughtful gift that takes up virtually no space. Dune Jewelry is the perfect talisman for digital nomads as it’ll be a symbol of a special moment you shared with your loved one, even as they’re far away traveling. Everyone has a special memory of the sea–from the beach you went to as a child, your first solo trip, where you learned to surf, where you went on an epic girls trip or your honeymoon. Dune Jewelry can hold that special memory for your loved one. 

Select the type of jewelry then browse through the sandbank to see if your special beach is one of the 3,300 from 7 continents already stored at the Dune Jewelry studio. You can also send in your own sand, only a soda cap full is needed. Isn’t it astonishing to think that there are over 3,000 beaches in the world that were special enough for someone to create jewelry with sand from their shores? The travel girl you’re gifting is sure to treasure her personalized accessory from Dune Jewelry. 

I love my handmade delicate oval stacker ring trio and think they’d be a sweet gift. You could use sand from a weekend getaway with girlfriends and give two of the rings as gifts. Or perhaps you also share a special beach with your mother and sister, I bet they’d be touched to receive matching rings. The rings would be the ultimate bridesmaid gift, especially if you had a destination bachelorette party! 

Dune Jewelry ships internationally with USPS and I received my rings in Thailand without complications. An added bonus? All of the one-of-a-kind items have a lifetime warranty making Dune Jewelry a worry-free gift to give to the traveling ladies in your life this holiday season. Santa, in case you’re reading this, the gold Organic Trillion Necklace and rose gold Rope Inlet Cuff are on my holiday wish list! 

Dune Jewelry is committed to giving back to their hometown of Boston and other charitable causes around the globe. They recently ran a 24-hour fundraiser where 25% of proceeds benefited Hurricane Irma and Maria victims through All Hands Volunteers, who provide aid to communities after natural disasters. Currently, 10% of sales from the coral collection also directly benefit this cause and 10% of sales from the sunburst collection are donated directly to Smile Mass to raise funding for beach wheelchairs on public beaches. They also partner with the APCC coastal preservation programs, which is an incredibly appropriate philanthropic effort for a company using sand to create gems! Dune Jewelry is a responsible brand that creates unique holiday gifts that give back.

What’s on your holiday wish list? Tell us in the comments!

Thank you for my ultra special sand gem oval gold ring trio, Dune Jewelry. All opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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