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After calling New York City home for nearly seven years, I realized that this was no longer the life I wanted to be living; I began to accept an imminent departure from a city I loved dearly. In October, to celebrate my 25th birthday, I gave myself a six-month ultimatum to leave the city and find a way to move abroad. My quarter-life calling developed from an urgent necessity to become a true citizen of the world. This compulsive wanderlust percolated throughout my life through childhood visits to South America and two life-changing trips to Western Europe.


Six months later the universe set my ultimatum in motion; the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. In the span of just one week in March, I marked my 3 year anniversary at the fashion PR agency where I was a Senior Manager, my East Village apartment lease ended and my parents moved to an oceanfront condo in Florida.  The city is intoxicating, but everyone I know who has lived here long-term has a love/hate relationship with The Empire State. It can be soul-sucking; you can lose track of who you are and what you stand for.  I had to leave in order to reconnect with the better person I knew I could be.



I willingly left behind everything I’d worked so hard for in exchange for the pursuit of the unknown. Moving to Europe allows for very little baggage, physical or emotional. I’ve relinquished any possession that didn’t fit in my single suitcase and in doing so I’ve allowed myself to cherish the memories I made here.


This isn’t another story of loathing and leaving the big apple. In fact, I just published this post from The Elk in the West Village. I was only able to stay away from the city for five months. I am here for the first time as a tourist. Everything is the same and everything is different. Check back later this month for a recap of my visit that is sure to be a complete love letter to Manhattan.

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