In addition to sharing her travel stories on Miss Filatelista, Lola is also a freelance writer. Here are the articles she’s written for various publications. As of April 2020 this page is no longer being updated.

For Lola’s media mentions please visit the press page. To contact her directly about a writing opportunity e-mail

What is Ayurveda? A Closer Look at This Ancient Practice
Top 10 Bucket List Fitness Travel Experiences
Fitness Around The World: Sri Lanka
What’s The Deal With Plant-Based Protein Sources?
A Simple Guide to Protein and Muscle Restoring Foods
Exercising With Asthma: Everything You Need To Know To Manage Your Symptoms
Carbohydrates: What Types To Eat And What Types To Avoid
How to Stop Bloating

How to Avoid Greenwashed Hotels

American Way
Journey to the Center of La Senda, One of the World’s Largest Labyrinths
Lost & Found

Asparagus Magazine
Things We All Lost in the Fires

Atlas Obscura
How a Guatemalan Town Tackled Its Plastic Problem

Architectural Digest
3 Ways to Deal With Eco-Guilt

Los Angeles Travel Guide for The Culver Hotel

The Wellness Guide to Sámara, Costa Rica

Better Places Travel
A Guide to Plant-Based Food in Costa Rica

Breathe Magazine
In The Palm Of Your Hands

Budget Travel
10 ways to travel the world without ever leaving home

The El Paso Shooting Killed Latinx People & It Reminds Me I’ll Never Be Safe In The US

A Man Maliciously Masturbated in Front of Me in Public and it Left Me Terrified

Curiosity Magazine
Travel Influencers Behaving Badly
How Women Are Fighting Against Sexual Harassment In Morocco
What No One Tells You About Being a Latina Who Doesn’t Speak Spanish

CNN Travel
World’s best cities for people who love to shop
Inside the complicated world of the travel influencer
Walking Tours in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in Jeopardy

Discovery Hotel Indigo
What to Do in Patong Before the Sun Sets

Epicure & Culture
Eco Hotels In Costa Rica: A Sustainable Stay At Rancho Margot

Explore Parts Unknown

A Love Letter to Gnocchi

Far & Wide
Foreign Countries You’re Probably Saying Wrong
Can You Identify Money Around the World?
Countries Where People Live the Longest
Foreign Foods You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong
Where in the World to Swim with Wild Sea Turtles
Southeast Asia’s Best Beaches

In a World of Knockoffs and Appropriation, Guatemalan Artisans are Taking Their Designs Global

Fat Tire Tours
A Guide to Washington, D.C.’s 18 Michelin-Starred Restaurants
How to Survive in Italy as a Vegan
5 Best Cocktail Bars in Washington, D.C.
Best Washington, D.C. Venues for Live Music
Where to Quench Your Thirst in the Windy City
The Best Brunch Spots in Washington, D.C.
10 of Chicago’s Best New Eateries
Chicago’s Most Unique Travel Activities
Where to Get Cocktails in Berlin if You’re Not a Club Kid: 15 Best Spots for Cocktails in Berlin
How to Experience Authentic Culture in New Orleans
10 Best Sweet Treats in Washington, D.C.

FIERCE by we are Mitu
Here’s What I Learned About Myself While Traveling Solo
20 Latinas Advice on How to Travel Safely in Latin America
We Talked to Latina Bloggers About Their Healthiest Food Tricks
We Talked to Asian Latinas About the Urgent Need for Intersectional Activism
20 Of The Worst And Best Valentine’s Day Dates Latinas Have Ever Experienced
These 11 Uruguayan Dishes Are Deeply Tied To My Identity As A Latina

These Hotel Libraries Look So Unbelievably Cozy
The Unique and Fascinating Ways People Around the World Prefer to Sleep
Valladolid, Mexico 2020 Go List
Jose Ignacio, Uruguay 2020 Go List
You’re Pronouncing These 24 Foreign Foods Wrong

Go Overseas
What to Know Before Volunteering with Elephants
8 Useful International Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers
The 8 Best Countries for Volunteering with Elephants
How to Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand
The Best Study Abroad Programs in Spain
Where & How to Volunteer Abroad for Women’s Rights

7 Ethical Food Writing Tips—From Professionals

9 Bad Cycling Habits—and How to Fix Them

Hello Giggles
Why I Find Community in Other Countries When I’m Away From Home for the Holidays

What You Need To Know Before Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam

How a Guatemalan Village Turned Blue
Paint The Town Blue

Hidden Hoi An
A Guide To Responsible Travel In Hoi An

25 Sustainable Travel Instagrammers That Will Inspire You to Travel More Responsibly
20 Latina Travelers That Will Induce Severe Wanderlust
14 Reason’s You Need to Travel to Albania ASAP

Huffington Post
How My Latino Father’s Machista Beauty Ideals Gave Me Low Self-Esteem
Cómo los ideales de belleza machistas de mi padre me dieron una autoestima baja

Why I Found My Rapist on Facebook
The Particular Weight of Being a Different Race With Different Hair Than Your Mom
Why You Should Try a Thong Bikini–Especially if You’ve Got a Big Butt

Lonely Planet
See Mexico’s top Mayan sites on the ultimate Yucatán road trip
5 best cities for vintage shopping in the US
How to be a sustainable scuba diver
Go from bean to bar at these top chocolate tours in Latin America and the Caribbean
Shop for vintage treasures at these Washington DC consignment and thrift stores
The best vegan restaurants in Montréal
Capital cuisine: best vegan restaurants in Washington, DC
Best vegan restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island
Guide to sustainable shopping on the Yucatán Peninsula
World’s best eco-luxury resorts
How to be A Responsible Traveller in Marrakesh

Marriott Bonvoy Traveler
Make Room, Wynwood — Fort Lauderdale’s Got Serious Art Appeal

Matador Network
7 ways to learn about tribal culture in Papua New Guinea
How to Travel to Guatemala in the Wake of the Fuego Volcano Eruption
8 Ways to Experience Puerto Viejo like a Local
The 7 Best Airport Lounges in the US
7 Incredible Motorbike Journeys in Southeast Asia
The 7 Most Amazing Waterfalls in Costa Rica
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Boycott Travel to Myanmar
Here’s What the World Could Learn from India’s Third Gender Acceptance
Don’t Give Money to the Children on the Streets of India
8 things the Rest of the World Can Learn From India
6 things the World Could Learn From Uruguay
18 Awesome Uruguayan Expressions to Know Before You Go 
The 21 Funniest Uruguayan Expressions
21 things I wish I had known about travel when I was 25
30 totally free things to do in Kansas City

Mer Culture
Marrakech: A Wanderer’s Guide to Shopping the Charismatic Souk Markets

Mexico in My Pocket
Tulum Travel Guide

Mind Body Green
I Gave Up Makeup To Embrace Travel — And It Transformed My Dating Life

What Recycling Will Look Like in 10 Years
The 9 Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet
Here’s What Really Happens to Recycled Plastic
13 Brilliant Ways Other Countries Are Replacing Plastic

Myanmar Travel
The Road Less Traveled in Inle Lake
How to Be A Responsible Traveler in Myanmar
A Guide to Vegetarian Food in Myanmar

Saving the Planet with Imperial IPAs in Vietnam
In Kansas City, All Roads Lead to Boulevard Brewing

Oprah Magazine
My Latino Father Wants Me to Marry a White Man

Overture Magazine
Sustainable Coffee in Costa Rica 

This Might Be the Most Eco-Friendly Scuba Dive Resort on earth

Op-Ed: My High School Rapist Shouldn’t Get a Pass

Parade Magazine
How to Make Kombucha at Home, What Is a SCOBY and Other Questions About Our New Favorite Fizzy Drink
Sophia Bush on “Period Poverty” and How Acting Enables Her Activism: “Social Media Can Be a Combination of a Highlighter and a Megaphone”

Passion Passport
Must-Pack Recycled Plastic Products for Your Next Trip
Traveling as Latina: What It Taught Me
An Instagrammer’s Guide to Architecture in Ahmedabad
A Guide to Festivals in Papua New Guinea
Things You Should Know Before Going to Morocco

Pink News
How to Take a Vibrator on Your Next Holiday

Postcards Magazine
The Heart of Mayan Culture

Reader’s Digest
What Recycling Will Look Like in 10 Years
The 9 Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet
Here’s What Really Happens to Recycled Plastic
13 Brilliant Ways Other Countries Are Replacing Plastic

Remote Lands
Instagram Guide Through Bali’s Nusa Islands

What It’s Like to Be a Pregnant ER Physician During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Costa Rica Ecotourism: the Ultimate Eco Travel Guide

8 Delicious Ways to Start Eating More Goji Berries
5 Ways to Add Healthy Fats Into Your Diet
How Watching My Rapist Thrive Has Helped Me Access My Anger

Signature Bride
Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Wedding Send-Offs
Why You Should do a Yoga Retreat for Your Bachelorette Party
Mexican Honeymoon Hotspots You Need to Know
10 Black Female Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow
Fall and Winter Wedding Floral Trends
Clean Beauty Products for that Bridal Glow
Unique Wedding Venues Around the World
Science & Sparkle: Lab-Grown Diamonds
Green Weddings

Silkwinds, SilkAir’s In-Flight Magazine
Hanoi Postcard
Yogyakarta Postcard
Mindful Living
Penang Postcard
Eating Green

4 zero-waste shops to visit in Southeast Asia
Eating green: Where to find the best plant-based dishes in Asia
3 eco-friendly hotels that uphold the green movement

Like Aimee in ‘Sex Education,’ I Was Also Forcibly Masturbated on in Public
Sofia Vergara, Please Don’t Take The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Job

The Magical, Mystical Vegan Tea Shop Warming Washington D.C.

The Beet
The 4 Best Jackfruit Recipes to Make it Your New Favorite Plant-Based Staple 
The 7 Best Places to Eat and Drink Vegan in Miami

The Culture Trip
The Upscale, Plant-Based, Farm-to-Table Restaurant Spreading Jamaican Ital
The Best Water Activities in Dominica
Meet the Rum Doctor of Dominica

The Hundreds
Striving for Sustainability in Streetwear

The Mujerista
How communities around the world are showing solidarity during the Coronavirus pandemic
Not all plastics are created equal: For Global Recycling Day, learn how to recycle right
From the runways of NYFW to backstage and beyond, Latinxs are ‘severely underrepresented in fashion’
Latina made gift ideas to give your bestie for Galentine’s Day
Here’s what you need to know about the Australian bushfires and how you can help
How race and ethnicity categories in job applications, forms, and the census ignore the reality of mixed identities
Around the globe countries are advising citizens against traveling to the U.S.
Record-breaking flames are destroying the Amazon Rainforest—here’s how you can help
Uruguay’s real-life persecution of political prisoners in film ‘A Twelve-Year Night’ is a stark reminder of journalist’s father’s oppression during dictatorship
10 Latina Travel Bloggers Inspiring Us to Explore the World
Latinas Share Their Favorites Books Written by Latina Authors for World Book Day
6 Latina Food Bloggers Cooking Latin Inspired Dishes with a Flare
35 Mujeristas Share What Empowers Them for International Women’s Day

The Points Guy
Now is the perfect time for a trip to Dominica

The Temper
How One Native Woman is Recovering From Substance Use Disorder and Trauma Through Yoga
When To Tell a New Partner You’re a Sexual Assault Survivor

Maintaining an Eco-friendly Period When You Travel

Thrive Global
Travel the World for a Social Cause Map
Filmmaker Deepa Mehta Won’t Stop Fighting for Women’s Rights
Cooking to Empower Moroccan Women

Tourism Concern
9 Ways Travelers Can Help The Earth Right Now

Travel Fashion Girl
5 Tips on How To Shop Ethically While Traveling 
What to Wear in Florence: A Year-Round Packing List
What to Wear in Tuscany: A Year-Round Packing List
What to Wear in Venice
What to Wear in Milan
What to Pack for Spain Vacations
What to Pack for the Balkan Peninsula 
What to Wear in Croatia
What to Wear in Bulgaria
What to Wear in Bavaria
What to Wear in Brunei
What to Wear in Nepal When You’re Not Trekking
What to Wear in Morocco 
What to Pack for Washington D.C.
What to Wear in The Hamptons 
How to Pack for a Cruise to South America 
What to Pack for Aruba
What to Wear in Uruguay

8 Digital Nomad Friendly Cafes in Florence
Beyond Machu Picchu–5 Things To Do In Peru

Travel Massive
10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

2020 Travel Hot List
Travel Writers Reflect On The Life Of Anthony Bourdain, One Year Later

Here’s How I Was Treated After I Reported My Sexual Assault in Morocco

Urban Adventures
South East Asia Sustainable Travel Tips
A former Khmer Buddhist monk shares his love of Angkor Wat
A Khmer meal that gives back in the heart of Phnom Penh
Ancient mysteries of the My Son Temple
Learning the craft of traditional rice paper-making in Vietnam

Hotel Review: Award-Winning Luxury At Airways Hotel in Papua New Guinea

Venture With Impact
5 Ways to be a Responsible Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai
Protecting, Educating, and Empowering Vulnerable Children in Thailand
How Photography and Travel Can Change the World
Plovdiv, Bulgaria: 8,000 Years in 2 Hours
Discover Bulgaria’s History & Culture with Footura’s Sofia Walking Tour

Where to Take Your Girlfriends to Wine Country Beyond Napa

Wander Go Go
10 Best Cafes in Madrid for Digital Nomads
An Alternative Guide to Street Art in Berlin
5 of The Best Places to Eat in Montevideo
5 of The Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

We Are Mitu
Why Puerto Rico Continues To Top The List Of World Travel Destinations

Wellness Lounge
CBD Oil Beauty Products Are Really Great For Your Skin

World Footprints
Where to Celebrate National Pride Month This June
The Women Making Tourism Powerful
8 Valentine’s Day Customs From Around the World
Sustainable Hotels in Costa Rica: 5 Eco-Conscious Choices
Touring a Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica 

World Nomads
Dominica: 4 Eco-Adventures on the “Nature Island”
4 Eco-Adventures in Dominica
Edible or Endangered? A Guide to Ethical Eating on the Road
10 Ways to Explore Central Vietnam Off the Beaten Track

Why I Found My Rapist on Facebook

Yes! Magazine
How Uruguay Is Honoring Health Care Workers

Zora Magazine
Selena Forever! How Family and Fans Are Keeping the Icon’s Memory Alive
Meet the Latina Fighting Chicago’s Period Poverty

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