While in Ella I climbed Little Adam’s Peak with Nawshad Tours Lanka. The hike isn’t extremely difficult and has an easy to follow path but I chose to go with a guide and was so glad I did. Mohammed picked me up at my accommodation, Senasuma Homestay, and drove me to the base of the summit. Senasuma Homestay is located uphill from Ella town and to walk to Little Adam’s Peak from the guesthouse would have been a trek in and of itself. I had a hearty breakfast of traditional Sri Lankan dishes that fueled me for the hike. You can book a stay at the property on Airbnb and save $40 off your first booking of $75 by using my referral link

Mohammed is from Ella and was able to share all sorts of unique information with me that only a local would know. We parked at the base and begin to climb up the peak. On the way, Mohammed told me stories of the villages below and the various religious groups that live here, mainly Tamils and Muslims which is unusual in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka. 

I learned that the mountain gets its name due to its similar shape to its much larger brother about an hour away, Adam’s Peak. Adam’s Peak is incredibly significant to various pilgrims. The namesake story hails from the Christian ideology and is that Adam, the first man, set foot on earth first here after leaving heaven. At the summit of Adam’s Peak, there is a rock that resembles a huge footprint, which is where Christians and Muslims both believe Adam took that first step. Buddhist trek to the point as they believe the rock is Buddha’s footprint, for Hindus it belongs to Shiva. But there are no foot shaped rocks on Little Adam’s Peak.

The lush peak actually consists of several points, each boasting different vantage points with sweeping views of the Ella gap below. The highest point is 1141 meters, which means my asthma was making the trek more difficult than it should be on my struggling lungs. 

The path cuts through a never-ending sea of tea plantations where Tamil ladies are hard at work hand picking leaves for the world famous Sri Lankan tea. Once you reach the summit you’ll also be able to see a small rice field to the left-hand side and beautiful traditional cottages built into the mountainside. 

The views are completely breathtaking and we even found some mountain puppies once we reached the peak. Because I was with Mohammed I dared to trek down steep dirt paths to rocks I would’ve otherwise been afraid to reach. The scenery is nothing short of magnificent. Apparently, on a very clear day, you can see the ocean! I preferred the overcast clouds, they made the landscape seem otherworldly and helped break the immense heat from the Sri Lankan summer sun.

Mohammed also knew about the best viewpoints most tourists would not know about. When you reach the top of the steps you’ll see a flat rock with a shrine to Buddha. The vista from here is incredible but after you’ve taken it in make sure to head left to the furthest peak for the most breathtaking views of the mountains below that continue into the distance. This path is the most strenuous of the hike. It is pure gravel and very steep, I was practically crawling on my hands and knees to get up and sliding down on my bum.

Thank you, Senasuma Homestay for hosting me and Nawshad Tours Lanka for organizing my Little Adam’s Peak hike. All opinions and photos are my own. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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