There was no better way to start our month exploring Bali and surrounding islands than surrendering ourselves to the local Indonesian therapists at Spa Alila at Alila Seminyak. We were overjoyed to be invited to experience the invigorating Mineral Ritual. Balinese massages are a dime a dozen on the island–especially in the tourist hub of Seminyak. But Spa Alila puts the rest to shame and lives up to its title as one of Bali Bible’s best spa experiences.



Alila means surprise in Sanskrit–were certainly astonished to learn that Alila Seminyak was the first resort in Indonesia to pass the stringent  EarthCheck eco test which rewarded the property with the Bronze status. The eco-friendly practices are visible throughout the resort with an open-air architectural design that demands less lighting and cooling systems, massive vertical gardens that line the lobby walls, and recycled wood repurposed as building materials throughout.

These rustic touches made the resort incredibly welcoming and transported us far away from the chaos of Seminyak. The property also harnesses waste heat from AC units to heat the water supply. There is also an organic garden which thrives off of food waste that’s used as compost. The eco solutions expand to low energy light fixtures, rainwater harvesting, a paperless policy, and more. Alila Seminyak was named one of the top 12 chic eco-friendly hotels by Marie Claire.

The 5-star Alila resort and spa is tucked away on a secluded beach at the edge of Seminyak. The resort is a sophisticated sanctuary and was chosen as one of the top resorts in Asia by the Condé Nast Traveler 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards. There are many special design elements but what stood out most was the in-house Hindu temple, Pura Dalem Segara, complete with a Lord Ganesha statue, the Hindu God that removes obstacles.

The Mineral Ritual spa package includes a healthy two-course lunch at the properties ocean-front restaurant, Seasalt. The menu included a variety of holistic dishes with a Japanese flair. We were treated to small sweets and fresh berry juice as we relaxed by the sea until we could no longer resist our growing appetite.



We settled into an ocean-view table at the Sea Salt and shared the Kyoto Hummus consisting of edamame and avocado, a dish of crispy oyster and shiitake mushrooms, and a succulent red snapper dressed with black miso and olives. The beautiful plating almost upstaged the incredible flavor of our meal. We hydrated with coconut water spiked with mint and devoured a decadent passion fruit dessert.



Upon entering the discreet oasis that is Spa Alila we were served a pine iced lemongrass and lime tea and chilled washcloths which were very much welcomed after spending an afternoon soaking up the Balinese surf, sand, and sun.




True to the ethos of “naturally from the heart” all of the products used at Spa Alila are handmade with 100% natural fresh local ingredients. Herbal scents circulated the spa with hints of aloe vera, coffee, cocoa, lavender, ylang-ylang, and of course, coconut. Using natural products provides the body the ability to detox toxins in a healthy manner. Each product used during treatments is also available for purchase at Spa Alila.


We entered our expansive private 93 sqm Signature Suite and were invited to cleanse in the heavenly waterfall shower.  After drying off we slipped on ultra-soft robes and slippers and made our way back to the lounge where our treatment began with a Balinese traditional feet cleansing ceremony. Our soles were scrubbed with a similar concoction to our tea of lemongrass and lime mixed with salt. Our souls began to unwind as we fell into a tropical trance.





The Mineral Ritual started with an acupressure reflexology treatment to help encourage energy to flow freely. Our therapists, who are trained in anatomical physiology, were experts at discovering which pressure points where the most in need of attention and magically eased and soothed our bodies simply by touching our feet. Each foot is a map of specific points that are linked to organs and every part of the body. The therapist smoothly transitioned into the intensely therapeutic Alila Seminyak Massage. She expertly worked out the aches and pains from my legs to my shoulders from years of non-stop travel. The healing touch melted my body into a haven through a series of stretching, massage, and deep tissue pressure. Alila masseuses are trained in a variety of gentle Asian-inspired therapeutic techniques including lomi-lomi and acupressure.



We then experienced our first-ever Vichy shower. The contraption looked like a science experiment of sorts, one I willingly accepted. We were situated on raised terrazzo beds as a strong stream of water rained across the entirety of our bodies. The warm jets of high-pressure water targeted tense points to kneaded out knots and release toxins. At first, the sensation was odd as it’s completely foreign, but soon I began to relax and enjoy the rejuvenating sensation of enhanced blood circulation. The process brings blood to the skin’s surface and we were positively glowing from the inside out after the completion of the Vichy shower.




Following the Vichy shower, we were treated to a detoxifying volcanic clay facial. Our skin was gently exfoliated through lymphatic techniques. The last session of the indulgent Mineral Ritual was a decadent soak in a tub for two and was overflowing with microbubbles. The vitality silk bath was hydrotherapeutic and the perfect finish to a perfect spa day.



After our deeply relaxing 3-hour spa session, we took a quick dip in the freshwater infinity pool and floated aimlessly where the sky meets the sea. The sun began it’s decent to the horizon so we pulled ourselves away from the pool down to the beach.




The golden hour shined down on us as we made our way down to the Petitenget Beach just in time to play in the waves of the Indian Ocean and catch a spectacular Bali sunset. Petitenget Beach is one of Bali’s most pristine stretches of coastline and was surprisingly uncrowded. By day windsurfers enjoy the choppy waters and beachgoers relax in plush bean bag chairs and enjoy unobstructed views of the water.



We left our daycation at Alila Seminyak feeling thoroughly pampered and delighted that we’d discovered the true meaning of Bali bliss. We had the sensation of being close to nirvana during the Mineral Ritual at Spa Alila at Alila Seminyak. The ultimate Balinese massage experience has permanently wrecked us for all future spa experiences which will have giant-sized shoes to fill.


Thank you, Alila Seminyak, for inviting us to the experience the Mineral Ritual at Spa Alila! This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and photos are my own. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Wow, the Alila Spa sounds fantastic, from the environment, sustainability, views, serenity, and the food – sounds like it has all!

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