It’s finally summer in the Northern hemisphere! I hope your days have been full of sunshine and relaxing by the water with plenty of mineral-based SPF. I got to kick-off the season and Plastic Free July by trying out an assortment of zero-waste wellness products that arrived in a recyclable box. Here’s a look inside the sustainable Earthlove box.

Earthlove is the perfect subscription for anyone who aims to become a more eco-conscious consumer. Many of the items inside the seasonal Earthlove box are travel-size, so it’s also a fantastic service for mindful travelers like yours truly. Earthlove takes out the headache of vetting various brands and products yourself—who has time for hours of research?

By subscribing to receive the sustainable Earthlove box, you’ll receive a selection of sustainable eco-luxury lifestyle items quarterly. Each curated box includes 6-8 products that range from organic beauty items, natural healthcare, snacks, accessories, to household accessories as well as a book. The holistic products featured in Earthlove are crafted with love by hand-selected artisans and eco-conscious businesses.

Everything, including the Earthlove box, is cruelty-free, and gluten-free. The offering is nearly completely zero-waste. I love that the website is transparent that the box isn’t 100% plastic-free as some vendors use recyclable plastic for their items. Plastic-free vendors are prioritized and many products are package free or utilize glass, sugar cane resin, and other biodegradable packaging.

The Earthlove box is made of post-consumer and post-industrial recyclable packaging including the sustainable crinkle shred from Eco Enclose that protects the items. Biodegradable algae-derived ink is used to print the whimsical floral pattern and “All good things are wild and free” Henry David Thoreau quote on the box.

Earthlove is dedicated to preserving and protecting the planet and deploys a full-circle approach. Shipping obviously isn’t carbon neutral. Earthlove offsets carbon emissions by supporting non-profits committed to forest restoration and avoiding products with ingredients that cause deforestation, such as palm oil. A portion of the proceeds is gifted to a select environmental conservation non-profit each season to support their efforts. Past partners include One Tree Planted and Nature Bridge. For summer, the supported cause is The Coral Reef Alliance. More on how we can protect corals through what we choose to consume follows below.

Earthlove is a part of the 1% for the Planet organization which is supported by businesses that are dedicated to environmental efforts. 1% for the Planet supports environmental non-profits across the globe. Purchasing Earthlove will also support a charitable organization.

Ready to discover new eco-conscious products? Give Earthlove a try use the discount code MISSFILATELISTA at checkout for $5 off. Subscriptions start at $54.95 with free shipping in the United States. Boxes can be shipped overseas for an additional fee.


The theme of the summer box is sensibly dedicated to the ocean and dubbed “The Sea Calls to Me.” Vibrant blue paper erupts when the box is open bringing the splish and splash of summer right into your home. There were 12 earth-friendly products in my summer 2019 Earthlove box. I was amazed to learn the value of all of the goodies in the summer mailer is $168, meaning the cost of the box was nearly a 70% discount on the retail price of the items!

A few edible goodies are in the box which are perfect snacks to take for a day at the beach. Sun & Swell Foods vegan Oatmeal Cocoa Chip Clean Cookie Bites are nutritious and delicious. These sweet treats are handcrafted with just 5 USDA organic ingredients and are a B-Corp. The packaging is compostable and breaks down within 180 days.

Wash down those cookies with the Organic Mint Tea Soda by Teatulia Tea was tangy and refreshing with flavors of hibiscus and lemonade. Teatulia Tea prides themselves on being a beverage that’s good for the land, people, and environment. They have their own 3,000-acre USDA-certified organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh (one of the largest organic tea gardens on Earth). The tea comes in an eco-canister made of recyclable and compostable materials from post-consumer waste.

Let’s move on to the clean beauty goodies in the summer Earthlove box. I’m always searching for a shampoo bar that works with my straight and oily hair (LUSH products aren’t it for me) so I’m really excited to try out the Moisturizing Shampoo Bar by HiBAR. The HiBAR came in a paper box and zero plastic packaging. The shampoo bar is all-natural with vegan and sustainably-sourced ingredients. I haven’t tried this yet as I like to finish one product before starting another but what I’m super stoked about is the oblong shape which will make application so much easier. If it works well for me I’ll be buying their conditioner.

Don’t fret, your skin also gets a treat in the box. The Glow Juice Mask by the sea-based skincare line, Earth Harbor Naturals, is all-natural and vegan. The vibrant purple mask is the real-deal mermaid beauty item—it’s kind of jelly-like and is made by hand with ingredients that are super nutrient-rich for the skin such as red seaweed and fruit enzymes. All it takes is a small amount to exfoliate your skin without any harmful plastic micro-beads.

To keep your smile healthy and gleaming there’s a nylon-free bamboo toothbrush by Truly Eco-Friendly. This was a bonus item in the Summer box as a free gift for new members.

If you wear makeup, you’ll be dazzled by the shimmery effect of the Solar Eclipse Eyeshadow by Aether Beauty. The vegan eyeshadow is in a perfect-for-summer warm peach metallic hue. What makes this eyeshadow super unique is that it’s infused with real topaz which illuminates the shadow with the reflective crystal. I’m not one to wear makeup much these days but I’m excited to try this out as I think the shade will be really pretty on my skin tone. Aether Beauty is dedicated to zero-waste packaging with fsc paper and soy ink. The eyeshadow is cruelty-free and infused with coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize the skin.

Now that your hair and skin are glowing from all the clean beauty goodness it’s time to protect it with mineral sunscreen. The beegan summer Earthlove box includes the SPF 50+ water resistant zinc reef-safe sunscreen butter by All Good which is one of my favorite natural sunscreens. All Good makes natural sun protection that has UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection and is water resistant for up to 80 min with organic ingredients. It smells amazing too as they infuse the earth-friendly sunscreen with calendula flowers grown on their own farm in California.

If you’re not familiar with the harms of most drugstore and luxury sunblock brands, let’s have a quick lesson. There are 8 chemicals usually used in SPF which are believed to be harmful to our skin, the environment, and aquatic life. Only non-nano zinc oxide is safe. Oxybenzone is in most SPFs—it’s a chemical blocker that interferes with the sun’s ability to damage the skin but it damages coral’s DNA which inhibits the ability to reproduce, causes deformities, and makes coral more susceptible to bleaching. 90% of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has been affected by bleaching and it’s estimated that 25% of the world’s coral reefs have already disappeared.

We need our coral reefs. They literally keep the world safe from natural disaster and feed a large majority of sea species. If this chemical is so harmful to coral I don’t even know what it does to us mere humans. There is a lot of conspiracy about whether or not there’s such a thing as reef-friendly coral but I believe natural is always better for your body and the planet.

I used to only use mineral sunscreen when I went to the beach. Now I use it always. From the All Good packaging I learned that we absorb oxybenzone through our skin which is then released through urine or washed off in the shower—both water systems that can end up in the ocean. Not rocket science, y’all. I also learned that it’s estimated up to 16,000 tons of toxic sunscreen is entering areas with coral reefs globally each year and devastating aquatic life. According to All Good, toxicity occurs at a concentration of 62 parts per trillion—which means one drop could infect the water of 6.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

All Good’s sunscreens are non-toxic with no preservatives or other questionable additives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, triclosan, or microbeads. Don’t just take their word for it—they rely on 3rd party testing to verify the high quality and sustainability of their goods and are also a B-Corp.

Now that you’ve protected your skin from harmful sun rays and chemicals let’s make sure you’re keeping away those pesky critters that love to come out during the humid summer months—mosquitos. The summer Earthlove box comes with the Lemongrass Wearable Aromatherapy by Warm Human. Lemongrass is a medicinal plant that naturally repels insects—I’ve been using it for this purpose for years. Lemongrass also has a calming effect—it smells like an Asian spa.

Ready to hit the beach for a day of surf, sand, and sun? Need somewhere to store your beach snacks and reef-friendly sunscreen? Good thing the Earthlove box comes with a Whale Beach Tote exclusively designed by Earthlove with Gallant International, Inc. The tote is gigantic and can easily store a beach throw such as my favorite sustainable cotton ones from Sand Cloud which I shot all of these products on and gives 10% of profits towards marine conservation efforts. The Whale Beach Tote is made of organic cotton and certified fair-trade.

If you like to read while you lounge grab the Earthlove book of the season and toss it in the Whale Beach Tote. The summer reading material is The Animal Lover’s Guide to Changing the World by Stephanie Feldstein. I read this on my way to Mexico and really appreciated a lot of the sentiments as a vegan. However, I do find it odd when vegan own pets as they’re keeping animals in captivity! This is a good read for those just starting to wonder how they can make their lifestyle more animal-friendly.

There’s a home good item in the vegan months box too—I initially thought it was a shower cap but it’s actually a bowl cover by the female-owned Your Green Kitchen. It’s super darling and 100% certified organic cotton. This could be an alternative for beeswax wraps for my fellow vegans. Either way, if you’re still using foil or plastic wrap it’s time to stop that wasteful habit once and for all with so many reusable options on the market.

Last, but not least, is a dainty stainless steel wave ring with a powerful message. The exclusive Waves of Change Ring designed by EarthloveBox is a reminder to ‘go with the waves.’

Don’t forget to use the discount code MISSFILATELISTA for $5 off when you order your Earthlove membership. Buy better so you can buy less!

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Do you have any favorite sustainable subscription services? Share them with us in the comments!

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  1. Hmmm I’m not usually a fan of subscription boxes, but this one looks really interesting! I’d love to use it, at least for a few months, so I can find some awesome new products. But then knowing me….I’d probably fall in love haha. I’m not naturally very eco-conscious, so I’m definitely going to try this out!

  2. This looks fantastic! I have to say I’m not usually into subscription boxes, but I’d literally use everything in this one! I love the lemongrass mosquito repellent, and the sunscreen butter. This is such a great way to encourage people to be more conscious about what they use. Oh and the bowl cover is great, too!

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