During my adventure motorbiking easy-rider style around the Dong Van Loop in Ha Giang with social enterprise YESD I made my sweet guide Mr. Thien stop every few seconds to snap photos. The vibrant green scenery and friendly local hill tribe people made every second of the adventure photo-worthy, even when we were stuck in the pouring rain. Here are 25 postcard-worthy pictures from Ha Giang, Vietnam.

Traditional dress in Ha Giang
The enchanting colors and textures of traditional textiles in Ha Giang.
Village Life Ha Giang
Passing through a traditional village in Ha Giang.
river ha giang
A roaring river in Ha Giang.
Ha Giang Views
Breathtaking views in Ha Giang.
Green Everything Ha Giang
50 shades of green in Ha Giang.
Ha Giang road
A road to paradise.
Village life in Ha Giang
A woman works hard in her rice field in Ha Giang.
Ha Giang Farmer
No modern tools? No problem in Ha Giang!
Farmer Ha Giang
War-era hats used to protect farmers faces from the sun.
Rice Terrace Ha Giang
Early morning reflections in the rice terraces.
vietnam people
In rural Ha Giang, everyone works to support the community.
Cloud Mornings Ha Giang
The clouds roll in on a raining morning.
Ha Giang Vietnam
Curvy roads go on forever.
river vietnam ha giang
Looking at China to the left and Vietnam to the right.
Odd Mountain Top
Odd formations of mountains along the route.
mountain ha giang
Another odd mountain top.
Farmers hard at work in the fields of Ha GIang.
Farmers hard at work in the fields of Ha Giang.
Country Roads Ha Giang
Country Roads Ha Giang.
Ha Giang Mountain
Sheer mountain edges in Ha Giang.
War Buildings Ha Giang
Ruined buildings from the war era.

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