Kuala Lumpur has become one of my favorite cities for so many reasons—balance of nature and skyscrapers, coexistence of cultures, vibrant street art, friendly people, quality healthcare, and endless vegan eats! The first time I visited KL in 2017 I was still a pescatarian and most of the meals I had revolved around fish so it was an exciting challenge to eat my way through the burgeoning vegan scene in KL. Here are 10 Kuala Lumpur vegan eats that I’m still drooling over.


If you’re flying into KL airport you’re in luck as the very best vegan Malaysian style laksa can be found at BMS Organics (GoogleMaps) in the KLIA2 terminal. The extensive menu clearly marks which items are vegan and there are plenty of options for plant-based eaters. There’s also a small shop where you can stock up on vegan snacks for your trip around Malaysia. They’ve abided to the new laws in Malaysia enforcing cutting back on single waste plastic.


Gone are the days of trying in vain to hunt down something plant-based at a mall food court thanks to Simple Life. I’ve only been to the KLCC location (GoogleMaps) but enjoyed my meal there during my 2017 and 2019 trips to KL. The food is all organic and strictly vegetarian. No msg, trans fat, coloring, or preservatives are used at the cafe. They also aim to make dishes that are low in oil, salt, and sugar—a blessing in Southeast Asia. The vegan laksa is amazing but packs a seriously spicy punch.


Ashley’s by Living Food (GoogleMaps) is in the hippest area in Kuala Lumpur—Bangsar Village. This hood is also packed with vegan options. The family-owned Ashely’s uses farm-fresh ingredients and even has a wide selection of raw dishes.

If you’re looking for Western vegan dishes head here. It’s a bit pricey so it’s not worth having local dishes that you can get elsewhere for much less. I went all out and enjoyed the vegan pesto truffle pasta which was divine. Ashley’s isn’t a vegetarian restaurant so be sure to specify to your waiter that you’d like your dish to be vegan.


I had no idea I’d find the best vegan ice cream in the world in Malaysia. If you follow me on Instagram you may remember me crying actual tears of joy into my pandan cashew milk ice cream served in a vegan wholewheat cone at Kind Kones. I visited the Bangsar Village location (GoogleMaps) but there are several others around KL. The flavors rotate often and include classics but be daring and try a local specialty. They also have vegan baked goods including vegan bagels with cream cheese.


WTF is another spot for vegan food in Bangsar Village (GoogleMaps). WTF stands for What Tasty Food and has quirky decor that features all the other phrases WTF could stand for. The vegetarian Indian joint is happy to make most dishes vegan-friendly if you ask for no ghee, milk, or egg. The food was excellent. Go here hungry so you can enjoy appetizers and curries.


There are two VCR cafes in Kuala Lumpur. I visited the one in Bangsar Village (GoogleMaps) for a coffee with soy milk, which was excellent. There are also a few vegan things on the menu so it’s a great place to grab a bite and work for a bit.


Aenon Healthy Kitchen (GoogleMaps) is a vegan restaurant that’s here to remind us all that ‘health is a choice, not a chance.’ The menu has so many tasty things but I went with some vegan sushi and the mushroom clay pot. They’re dedicated to using high-quality fresh all-natural ingredients and avoid preservatives, salt, and MSG.


I’m constantly amazed by how good Mexican food can be in Southeast Asia. I think it’s the shared the love of cilantro, lime, and chili. I wish I had been based closer to Sala (GoogleMaps) so that I could come here more times as I wanted to try everything on their all-vegan menu. I’ve heard that the local Malaysian dishes are excellent too but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a tray of vegan tacos including my favorite, jackfruit! The toppings are the best part with everything from vegan nacho cheese to chia seeds. Save room for the vegan brownie with coconut caramel—it’s small so you won’t need more than a few bites worth of space, don’t hold back on the tacos!


Perhaps one of the most serene eateries in Kuala Lumpur, ChoCha Foodstore (GoogleMaps) has a few vegan-friendly options on their menu. There’s a dedicated vege section—I had a super fresh salad with jackfruit, banana flower, and coconut. I’d like to go back and try the Chinese pesto flat noodle. What ChoCha is really known for are their high-quality teas, so be sure to pick a pot and enjoy.


I got sucked into an Instagram trap and went to Cafe ETC (GoogleMaps). There’s nothing wrong with this cafe, it’s just that the neon light has bright thousands of grammers here and there’s not that much else to gush about the place. They do have a decent shroom vegan burger. It’s not a great spot to work as it’s a super busy cafe. Check out this list of 13 cafes in Kuala Lumpur for more ideas of where to get a cup of joe in KL.


Eating street food is an essential part of any travels in Southeast Asia and Malaysia is no exception. When I visited KL in 2017 I went on an excellent street food tour with Food Tour Malaysia. I was a pescatarian at the time so be sure to order any of these 10 Malaysian street food dishes without fish sauce or egg to ensure that they’re vegan-friendly.

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