In Laos’ mountainous region nestled atop a hill high above the culture-filled gem town is the Luang Prabang View Hotel–which seriously lives up to its name. There are spectacular views of the ancient town, surrounding valley, and countryside from all around the massive eco-resort, from the open-air reception area, elevated infinity pool, and outdoor dining areas. Luang Prabang View is also a leader in the environmental and social sustainable movement in Laos. The property harmoniously brings together sustainability and luxury to create a mindful haven away from the bustling town. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love Luang Prabang View Hotel.

Girl view Laos Endless vistas from all areas at Luang Prabang View.


eco-friendly hotel Laos Sustainable green grass roofs on top of guest bungalows.

Luang Prabang View Hotel is actively reducing their plastic use–they’ve already installed a water refill station with Trash Hero and only use bamboo straws. The laundry bags in the guest rooms are cloth and there are no plastic liners in the waste bins. The guest rooms are equipped with refillable toiletries and locally made soaps from artisan groups. The soaps are wrapped in plastic but they are encouraging the vendor to use a recyclable material with the next batch. They recognize growth opportunities and are actively making switches to more sustainable practices such as a plan to discontinue the use of wasteful sugar packets in exchange for unwrapped sugar cubes.

eco-friendly girl Green views and green practices at Luang Prabang View.

The eco-resort organizes community cleanups in Luang Prabang. They gathered donations for those in need during the recent dam break crisis and sent over 4,000 kilos of supplies to the site in partnership with Laos Airlines who transported the goods free of charge. Their community involvement extends to a local orphanage which they support through a variety of need-based projects such as providing meals and mosquito nets.

The accommodation is focused on being restorative and regenerative with living roofs on each of the bungalows to naturally control room temperatures and encourage animal and plant life. The used coffee pods from the coffee machines in guest rooms are upcycled and used as planters for herbs. They have recycled water with ponds for rainwater and a reusable septic water filtration system in which the wastewater is used to tend to the on-site gardens and farm. Recycling practices are also in place to manage paper, cardboard, glass and plastic waste. Electric cars are used to help guests get around the rather large property.


Girl in laos luxury hotel All the cozy places in the Luang Prabang View bungalow.

I stayed in the superior bungalow that boasted traditional teakwood design elements, locally produced furniture, and modern amenities. The one story bungalow has an open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows, a cozy living room, massive tub, waterfall shower, balcony with a magnificent perspective of the surrounding hills, and best of all a king-sized bed that truly took me to cloud 9 each night as it was so luxe. Each of the elegant bungalows is situated on different terrace ledges that overlook the ancient Luang Prabang town in order to ensure that each room has a picture-perfect view.

girl in tub 
Unwinding from a busy day of sightseeing the luxurious tub at Luang Prabang View.

Every night the nearly all-local staff would turn down the room and leave little sticky rice treats wrapped in banana leaves along with some fresh fruit. Notably, there was almost no plastic in the room.


girl pool laos Going in for a swim at the infinity pool with mountain views.

The absolute highlight of staying at the Luang Prabang View Hotel is its famous 360° panoramic infinity pool at the highest point of the hilltop property. I floated in the giant piscine for hours staring up at the beautiful blue sky between rain storms as I was visiting during the wet season. When it started to drizzle I’d seek refuge in one of the many covered cabanas with cozy day beds that boast equally endless views of the surrounding mountains that are dotted with gilded Buddhist pagoda. During the dry season, the sunrises and sunsets here are said to be legendary!

Girl reading bookThis day felt like an actual vacation as I read and lounged by the pool all day.

Although Luang Prabang View is perched in the clouds it’s only about a 10-minute drive to town and the resort offers complimentary shuttle services throughout the day including to and from the airport.


girl massage Laos A divine massage at the intimate spa.

The Champa Home Spa is a wellness oasis. I was invited to a traditional massage treatment in an intimate spa pavilion of dark teakwood and natural decor elements that created a serene ambiance. The massage left me feeling rejuvenated due to the skilled therapist who spent forever walking on my back. Traditional healing methods are used which are meant to enhance wellbeing and vitality while reducing stress and relieving the body of toxins.

If fitness is a part of your wellness and self-care plan you can hit the gym which is conveniently located right beneath the pool. All of the exercise machines face a window that offers breathtaking views.


Luang Prabang Views Seriously photogenic breakfast views.

A stay at the lavish hideaway includes breakfast for all guests. Each morning a gigantic spread of western and Asian dishes are spread out buffet-style in the beautiful Somview Restaurant. Just like all of the facilities at the Luang Prabang View Hotel, the restaurant has incredible vistas.

Coffee Laos Perhaps the most beautiful place to have a coffee in Laos.

I took my breakfast each morning on the balcony so I could enjoy my locally-sourced coffee as the mist rolled over the hills in the distance. There were plenty of plant-based options for breakfast and I usually made myself a gigantic plate of leafy greens that were cultivated at the onsite food farm.

food garden The food forest at Luang Prabang View.

The on-site farm and garden at Luang Prabang View Hotel employ local farmers who tend to edible flowers, vegetable plants, fruit trees, an herb nursery, and some livestock. Guests are invited to request a guided visit of the sustainable farm.

golden temple Laos Do you see the golden Buddhist temple in the distance?

I was a hosted guest at Luang Prabang View Hotel. All opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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