Tucked away in the rice fields just outside the bustling Hoi An Ancient Town, amid vegan eateries and water buffalos, Greenlife is a welcome co-working and co-living space where modern design encourages productivity. If this accommodation is your first taste at the digital nomad lifestyle—you’re in luck. This place ignites creativity, nurtures the soul with healthy food and drinks, and of course, has wicked-fast reliable 60 MBS WiFi.

The guest rooms at Greenlife are massive and well-designed to encourage a flow of energy that’ll keep you motivated to complete your work tasks before you go out and explore Hoi An. The boutique accommodation boasts a variety of spacious rooms that either face the bustling city street or the serene rice terraces. They offer an assortment of packages for long-term stays and also take reservations for Greenlife on Booking.com.

Greenlife operates a free-to-use co-working space on the ground floor at the delicious Harvest Cafe. As there’s no fee to use the workspace the menu items are slightly more prestige, expect to pay about $3 for a coffee with plant-based milk. The staff is lovely and never pressures you to order more items so you’re welcome to sit on the outdoor terrace with infinity views of rice terraces and take advantage of the strong WiFi connection as long as you’d like.

As there are mostly nomadic professionals staying at Greenlife there’s a strong sense of community among those who led similar lifestyles. I got to know the other guests during my stay and often spent time working side-by-side at Harvest. Greenlife also organizes social outings such as swing dance lessons, Muay Thai classes, yoga sessions, and community dinners.

There are additional amenities available at Greenlife to make the digital nomad life in Hoi An as seamless as possible. Each room is complete with a kitchenette and the local staff will happily pick up fresh produce for you at the morning market to ensure you get the best prices. There’s also laundry service available and aid with motorbike rental. If you’d rather cycle then you’re welcome to use the free bicycles to get around Hoi An. You can reach the beach in about half an hour after a moderately easy ride through the rice paddies. 

I spent two months in Hoi An as a digital nomad and quickly fell in love with the place. It has everything I need to be comfortable and proficient as I work–authentic culture, easy transportation, affordable eateries, strong coffee and WiFi, and a beautiful beach.

If you’re thinking of spending time in Hoi An as a digital nomad make note that the only way to arrive at the lantern-lined coastal town is by bus. If you’re coming from overseas you’ll need to fly to the Da Nang International Airport and then take a Grab taxi to Hoi An–it’s about a 40-minute drive and should cost around $10. Check bus routes to Hoi An or train and flight options to Da Nang on Baolau or 12Go.Asia. As always, never go overseas without travel insurance from World Nomads!

Thank you for hosting me in Hoi An, Greenlife! This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and photos are my own. Please read the Miss Filatelista disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. This place looks pretty awesome! Will take it into account if I need to work when in Hoi An. Loved the smoothie bowl.

  2. Oh my goodness, this place truly seems like a digital nomad's paradise. I hope to one day become location independent and staying somewhere like Greenlife would be a dream. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great place to stay! I'd love to have this experience, though I'm not sure when I could make it to Hoi An…

  4. I travelled here in 2011 and would never had guessed they'd be something like this here. Seems like a really relaxed and encouraging environment 🙂

  5. Goodness what a lovely place to stay! This looks like the kind of place all aspiring digital nomads *hope* to find! Especially with those beautiful green rice-fields in view! You are right that it'd be a perfect introduction to that lifestyle!

    Even if you *don't* have work to do, it looks like a good option!

  6. Definitely nice to see you can get good accommodations there! Can't wait to travel to Vietnam.

  7. What an amazing place to meet creative people and let your own creativity flourish. Those green fields rolling away to the sea would inspire anyone! I can't believe how fancy Hoi An has become in the last ten years lol. It was all cheap backpackers when we travelled there.

  8. Such an amazing concept and beautiful place! Makes me want to run away and go there, but I do not think my family would be on board lol

  9. This looks like the perfect place for a digital nomad wow! I love the cool seating. And Im vegetarian, but always up for vegan eats.

  10. Love the airiness of the place. Looks very relaxing. I also like the greenery. Just looks peaceful overall.

  11. It looks like there are creative spaces popping up everywhere, which must be nice to connect with other people! I have heard of an endless amount of them in Bali, but not so many in Hoi An!

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