At first, when I realized it wasn’t the season to see sea turtles in Tortuguero National Park during my visit with Better Places Travel I was really disappointed that I hadn’t looked up the nesting and hatching season in advance. My worries that I wouldn’t be seeing any incredible wildlife at all swiftly dissolved as we boated through the channels of the park en route to Laguna Lodge. Before we’d even officially arrived I’d seen sloths and a Great Green Macaw-proving that it’s absolutely worthwhile to visit Tortuguero National Park during the offseason. Here are 20 postcard-worthy pictures of wildlife at Tortuguero National Park.

Caiman costa rica
Caimans lurk in the water in Tortuguero National Park


birds in costa rica
There are many species of birds in Tortuguero National Park


wildlife costa rica
Birds and reptiles live in harmony in Tortuguero National Park.


sloths costa rica
Sleeping sloths in Tortuguero National Park


costa rica spider monkey
Spider monkeys hiding in the trees in Tortuguero National Park.


spider costa rica
A spider bigger than a human head.


Bats in Costa Rica
Tiny sleeping bats at Tortuguero National Park.


Racoon Costa Rica
Baby racoon sleeps in a tree at Tortuguero National Park.


birds costa rica
Exotic birds in Tortuguero National Park.


iguana costa rica
Male iguanas turn orange during the mating season.


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