If you’ve been reading Miss Filatelista for a while you may know of a silly fear that I have which has remained with me since my childhood, a fear of trains! Of course, with travel, there are many times with you have no choice but to take train travel. Sometimes, trains are a unique travel experience, such as the beautiful bridge in Ella. Well, the Hanoi street is another must that I wasn’t going to miss out on because of a silly fear. So, off I went! I ended up visiting a few times to capture the train and the tracks at different times of days from various locations along the track. Here are 10 postcard-worthy photos of Hanoi’s Train Street.

The most popular spot to watch the train pass is close to the Zo Project (Google Maps) or near the Railway Homestay where my friend @WhereGoesRose stayed. The room had an amazing view of the train street and is ridiculously reasonable. I may try to work up the courage to stay here in February. How cute is the balcony?

The train passes this area on the weekend at 8:45, 9:17, 11:25, 15:20, 17:30, 18:15, 19:10 and 21:10. As with anything in Vietnam, these times aren’t guaranteed so it’s best to show up at least 30 minutes early and grab a fresh juice at one of the many homes-turned-shops that line the train tracks. 

Above all else, be safe when visiting the train tracks! Never pose in front of a moving train, your life isn’t worth an Instagram post.

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