As a lover of all things street art, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I arrived in a place to discover that it’s covered in vibrant murals. Tortuguero National Park was no exception! I was prepared to see animals in the wild, but not on the walls! Here are 10 postcard-worthy photos of Tortuguero Town’s murals.

animal street art
Leopard and Sea Turtle murals.
street art mural costa rica
The sweet smile of Costa Rican child.
street art girl costa rica
Posting with a great green macaw painting since I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the real one I saw. I did see a real dart frog though!
street art costa rica
A lovely painting of a Red Macaw.
Tortuguero street art
The beautiful recycling plant in Tortuguero Town.
street art tortuguero
Beautifully painted signs in Tortuguero Town.

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